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Women Working From Home
Before You Begin Your Business
Do You Have What it Takes?
SEVEN things to consider before
you commence your business.
The reasons range from wanting to be at home with the children to desiring
creative independence. For whatever their unique reasons may be, women around
the world are trading in their business suits for a more leisure/work style in the
comfort of their own homes.
To become a successful work-at-home entrepreneur, you must possess more than a
desire to work from your own home. You must have certain characteristics that
seem to follow the most successful entrepreneurs. They include:
• A high level of self-motivation and personal drive A commitment to
work long hours each day as you grow your business.
• The ability to establish a plan with concrete goals and work hard to
achieve them.
• A willingness to take risks.
• Specific expertise, knowledge, and talent in your field of interest.
• Ability to identify your market and reach them.
In addition, you must realize that you could work for months before actually
generating a profit.
If you possess the majority of these characteristics, then you have a shot at making
it on your own. Determining what business is right for you will require a short self-
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