Winters & Deadshore - Forbidden Cure HTML version

Chapter 1: Departure
Heaving lines and swelling tides of restless travellers greet Emilio Winters
and Karl Deadshore as they walk through the giant silver and glass
automatic doors into terminal four of New York City‟s JFK airport.
„This is it, Karl! We're actually on our way!‟ Emilio announces with
pride, as he turns to look at his ever-present companion.
„Emilio, why exactly have I been lugging your suitcase around for the
last hour?‟ Karl responds wearily.
„God dammit, Karl, do you ever listen? I told you, I sprained my wrist
feeling up Sophie Atkins 40 DD‟s.‟ Shaking his head, Emilio gazes up
towards the enormous bright blue departures and arrivals monitor. Every
listed flight has been delayed, except flights to Lima, Peru.
„Great, you see this Karl? It must be our lucky day.‟
Emilio lowers his Ray Ban sunglasses and glances at his chubby
friend, shaking his head slightly at the combination of flip flops, bright
yellow Bermuda shorts and gray and white striped T-shirt.
„Looks like we have time to kill. I need a soda.‟ Karl struggles to
keep up as Emilio darts through the crowds. The companions stand together
watching the passing mad parade of pedestrians as they cough up four
dollars each for an ice cold Pepsi. Just before they start guzzling the drinks,
Emilio notices a pretty blonde at the other end of the magazine stand. The
girl is absorbed by her potential purchases. Emilio looks over at Karl in
dastardly thought and challenges him.
“Hey Karl, the last one to down their drink has to go and ask that girl
over there for her number.”
Karl reckons he can down his drink faster than Emilio anyway, so he
agrees, although he knows the penalty would prove challenging for him.
“Ok Emilio on 3. 1, 2, 3!”
Emilio tilts his bottle and twists it slightly, allowing the carbonated drink
to sink quicker, finishing before his overweight friend.
“Ha! Looks like you gotta try your luck, Karl. You better get over there
before she walks off, oh, and take one of these!”
Emilio holds out a stick of peppermint gum.
“Go on Karl, take it, trust me, you need it!”
“Damn you, E, my breath doesn‟t stink, and anyway, how the hell did
you finish that drink quicker than me!”
“It‟s all about technique Karl, it‟s all in the wrist!”