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About The Author: Greg Reynolds is a 23-year veteran of the
computer industry and the President of Net Sense, an IT consulting
firm. He has worked on systems integration projects with some of the
largest companies in the U.S. including IBM, Bank of America,
Wachovia, and Bell South.
A graduate of the University of Michigan, Greg has been hands on with
computers since the days when keypunch cards were used for data
entry. When he can get away with it, he likes to work on his notebook
computer out on the back deck overlooking the lake.
His consulting practice with Net Sense focuses on network security and
project management for corporate clients. The Spam Virus Help web
site is geared toward assisting home computer users.
Greg lives outside Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and six kids.
When the five boys aren’t beating him up in various sporting activities,
he serves as the First Bank of Dad for all their financial needs. And, of
course, his daughter already has the keys to the vault!
About This Book: “Winning the Online Battle: How to stop spam,
viruses and hackers dead in their tracks” is work in progress.
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and distribution rights.
You do not have the right to reprint, alter, or convert the content of
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Copyright Notice: This book is copyrighted, March 2004, under the
laws of the United States. All rights reserved.
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