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Alan Simpson's Windows XP Bible

by Alan Simpson                                             ISBN: 0764548603


Hungry Minds © 2001, 902 pages


This book covers both the Personal and Professional editions of the Microsoft Windows XP.




Table of Contents


Alan Simpson's Windows XP Bible




Part I       Know This or Suffer


Chapter 1  - What Is Windows XP? 

Chapter 2  - Getting Around Like a Pro

Chapter 3  - Opening Programs and Documents

Chapter 4  - Shortcuts and Other Cool Tricks

Part II       Becoming an Internet Guru


Chapter 5  - Connecting to the Internet

Chapter 6  - Browsing the World Wide Web 

Chapter 7  - Maximum Web 

Chapter 8  - Internet E-Mail 

Chapter 9  - Participating in Usenet Newsgroup

Chapter 10 - Windows Messenger, Games, and Such 

Chapter 11 - Online Conferencing with NetMeeting


Part III       Have It Your Way


Chapter 12 - General Housekeeping (Copying, Deleting, and So On) 

Chapter 13 - Organizing Your Virtual Office 

Chapter 14 - Personalizing the Scree

Chapter 15 - Speech, Handwriting, Joysticks, and More 


Part IV       Growth, Maintenance, and General Tweaking


Chapter 16 - Installing and Removing Programs 

Chapter 17 - Installing and Removing Hardware 

Chapter 18 - Disaster Prevention and Recovery 

Chapter 19 - Updates, Maintenance, and Monitoring 

Chapter 20 - Managing Multiple Users 

Chapter 21 - Road Warrior Tools and Techniques


Part V       Work and Play


Chapter 22 - Numbers, Text, and Pictures 

Chapter 23 - Cameras, Scanners, and Faxes 

Chapter 24 - Sounds, Music, Video, and DVD

Chapter 25 - Fun with Windows Movie Make


Part VI       Local Area Networks


Chapter 26 - Create Your Own LA

Chapter 27 - Sharing Resources on a LAN 

Chapter 28 - Cool LAN Tricks

Chapter 29 - Beefing Up Security 


Part VII       Advanced Stuff


Chapter 30 - File Icons, Associations, and Properties 

Chapter 31 - Partitions, Volumes, and NTFS

Chapter 32 - Advanced Security Administration

Chapter 33 - Dealing with the Windows XP Registry 

Chapter 34 - Special Features of Windows XP Professional 


Part VIII       Appendices


Appendix A - Installing Windows XP

Appendix B - What's New in Windows XP 

Appendix C - Special Folders and Shortcut Keys 





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With a new kernel, a new interface, and loads of new multimedia and connectivity features, Windows XP is the most significant Windows upgrade since Windows 95. Written by renowned Windows guru Alan Simpson, this soup-to-nuts guide is just what you need to master XP, whether you want to customize your system so you can work faster, harness the digital media features so you can experience music or movies, or make the most of remote connectivity and networking so you can stay in touch.


About the Author


Alan Simpson is a computer guru and bestselling author with over 2 million books in print. Many of his works -- including Understanding dBASE IV, Mastering WordPerfect for Windows, Mastering WordPerfect 5.1, and Understanding Microsoft Access -- are considered classics in the computer book industry.





Alan Simpson's Windows XP Bible

Published by

Hungry Minds, Inc.