Windows XP Bible HTML version

Windows XP Bible
Chapter 26 - Create Your Own LAN - 414
Chapter 27 - Sharing Resources on a LAN - 423
Chapter 28 - Cool LAN Tricks - 432
Chapter 29 - Beefing Up Security - 437
Part VII Advanced Stuff
Chapter 30 - File Icons, Associations, and Properties - 445
Chapter 31 - Partitions, Volumes, and NTFS - 455
Chapter 32 - Advanced Security Administration - 459
Chapter 33 - Dealing with the Windows XP Registry - 468
Chapter 34 - Special Features of Windows XP Professional - 481
Part VIII Appendices
Appendix A - Installing Windows XP - 487
Appendix B - What’s New in Windows XP - 491
Appendix C - Special Folders and Shortcut Keys - 499
Back Cover
With a new kernel, a new interface, and loads of new multimedia and
connectivity features, Windows XP is the most significant Windows upgrade
since Windows 95. Written by renowned Windows guru Alan Simpson, this
soup-to-nuts guide is just what you need to master XP, whether you want to
customize your system so you can work faster, harness the digital media
features so you can experience music or movies, or make the most of remote
connectivity and networking so you can stay in touch.
About the Author
Alan Simpson is a computer guru and bestselling author with over 2 million
books in print. Many of his works -- including Understanding dBASE IV,
Mastering WordPerfect for Windows, Mastering WordPerfect 5.1, and
Understanding Microsoft Access -- are considered classics in the computer
book industry.
Alan Simpson’s Windows XP Bible
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Hungry Minds, Inc.
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