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Win a Seat the 2005 World Series
Win a Seat the 2005 World Series of Poker
So you want to play in this years World Series of Poker, but don’t have
$10,000 to cough up for the buy in fee. Well that’s no problem. Last years
champion Greg Raymer won the 5 million grand prize through a qualifying
satellite that he played online. The year before that, Chris Moneymaker
(yes that’s his real name) won 2.5 million, how did he get a seat? He won
a $40 buy-in satellite to get his seat.
There are 3 ways you can get a seat at the WSOP
1. Pay the $10,000 buy in
2. Qualify for a seat by playing and winning a WSOP satellite at
the casino. They hold qualifying tournaments a few weeks before
the championship event.
3. Qualify Online, for little cash. You can get started right now,
and you don’t even have to leave your house to qualify.
A lot of online poker rooms are giving away seats as part of their
promotional efforts. The buy-ins range from only a buck to a few hundred.
But, every WSOP satellite isn’t created equal.
Competition amongst the sites is the most important factor to winning a
seat. You see different rooms attract different levels of competition. Your
best bet is to be playing at a site like PartyPoker or EmpirePoker. They
have a lot of newbie’s or “fish” and you have a better chance of winning
the seat. Another factor you should consider is the buy-in for the satellite
itself. The competition will be tougher in a $200 buy-in simply because a
lot of novice players don’t feel comfortable shelling out $200 bucks on a
satellite. If you don’t want to gamble a lot of money, we suggest you start
with the $10 and under buy-ins. don’t worry there are lots of these
available at many sites. Some sites even have free buy-ins!
The best thing to do is play in a few low buy-in satellites at many different
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