Willie's Wisdom HTML version

Hello there, ladies and gentlemens, I am Willie McWisdom, generally known as The Scottish Sage. I have a
lifetime of ancient Caledonian lore and knowledge to pass on to you, so that you may live a fruitful and
productive life. Everything here is taken from the advice columns on my website, where many poor
unfortunates like yourself who don’t have the sense to tie your own shoelaces, come to seek guidance and
wisdom. Some of the content is wee bit naughty but I make no apologies for people are aye likely to be a wee
bit naughty if they’re not watched carefully. But before we proceed with that I think it’s only apt that you learn
a wee bit about me and where I live, the small Highland village of Bendoon, on the banks of Loch Ness in
Bonny Scotland. First of, here is me -
A bonny lad, I’m sure you’ll agree. And here I am with my current wife, Sadie beside Loch Ness.
She’s quite the looker too, I’m sure you’ll agree. You’ll note too that she is considerable younger than
myself, but she tells me she was always drawn to the more mature gentleman, for which I am very grateful.
Below are the other ladies who have done me the honour of being my wives.