Will You Be A Horse For God HTML version

A Message from the Author Reverend Brian Richards even though I usually start my
books with the same introductions and a progressive autobiography I thought it
necessary to express these opinions. All my previous books have been published using
Lulu Publishers, in New York, U.S.A.
Previous Books for the Revbrian Bookstore has been listed below: I find it necessary to
say that all these books are progressive to each other, and if you are about to read this
book without knowing the previous books. Then you may find that it is a sudden impact
that there was no lead up to this big subject of Manifestations of the Son’s of God. So if
you are a beginner or a novice to this particular subject and method of study, you may
find it complicated and hard to follow! However if you are a regular student of the
Word of God then you will find the study of this word of God the most migrating,
exciting, and life changing more than you have ever experienced before today. As this
word is a no holds bared Dearing expressions of the word of God that is not usually
spoken about in such a bold way. However because Reverend Brian believes that the
time is short, that we truly are in the end times teaching is necessary, so that the body of
Christ will come out of deception that has been given and taught by the main line
Reverend Brian said he is only allowed to express these opinions because of his
independence from denominations, but certainly not independent from the body of
Christ, and has endorsements from some of the well known names of the Pentecostal
teachers in the body of Christ today’s and yesterdays teachers of old. As you see from
the introduction that Reverend Brian Richards was originally Ordained a Full Gospel
Churches of Australia 1984 after years of being a student of a independent Bible
College. That later became known as “Word of Faith Ministries International”