Will Trump Dumb Down The U.S. Artificial Intelligence Strategy?


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the potential to be a major driver of economic growth and social progress, if industry, civil society, government, and the public work together to support development of the technology with thoughtful attention to its potential and to managing its risk. AI-driven automation will likely increase the wage gap between less-educated and more-educated workers, potentially increasing economic inequality. Trump was elected by the poorly educated working class voter who has little chance of having a good paying job in the future of AI and robotics. Will trump sacrifice the future of AI and robotics and let the Chinese take the world lead so he can appease the poorly educated? Or will he dumb down the U.S. strategy with support of the anti-science factions?


Michael Erbschloe

Michael Erbschloe worked for over 30 years performing analysis of the economics of information technology, public policy relating to technology, and utilizing technology in reengineering organization processes. He has authored several books on social and

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