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He sighed as the boy insisted.
“Please? Just let me come with you, I have to learn to catch fish too? Please father? I-”
“Okay. Alright,”
“Yes!” he celebrated.
“You asked for it yourself,”
“First light tomorrow,”
“Yes! I-I will help you carry the nets! And the baskets! I will even-” he continued to promise
as he increased his pace in an attempt to walk by his father‟s side.
“Stop!” his father suddenly cautioned, holding him back at his side with his strong left hand.
“What?” the boy asked as he tried to look up ahead.
“Over here,” his father pointed as he quickly pulled him aside behind a bush, from where he
peeked out behind his shoulder while staying very close.
“Wow,” he remarked in a low tone, as he laid eyes upon the fat, adult, white rhino, which
was patrolling the back of their house while sniffing everything around the place.
Cautiously, the man and the boy raised their heads further above the leaves, getting a better
look at the animal, which stamped around their utensils.
“I‟ve never seen one this close before?” the boy said in a low tone, “Is it dangerous?” he
whispered as they watched.
“Very, very dangerous,” his father answered. Suddenly, the rhino lifted its head and looked
right at them. Behind the bush, they quickly ducked as it maintained its gaze, it‟s very fat belly
moving in and out as it „groaned‟ angrily. Lightly, it puffed and waited for any signs of
movement, standing ready to attack. The boy and his father remained still.
Getting bored with the silence, the rhino turned back to sniffing as it moved on around the
house, groaning as it puffed away.
“Come on,” the man told the boy, who followed him out of cover.
“What did it want?” the boy asked as he hurried through the bushes, keeping up with his
father‟s pace,
“I do not know for sure.”
“I think it wanted our food! It smelled the pots! Did you see?” he asked as he followed.
“Of course I saw, hurry up now, there is something I‟ve been planning to show you.”
“Show me? What is it?”
“I cannot tell you, you need to see for yourself, you said you are a big boy right?”
“I am!” he agreed, “Is it something scary?”
“Not a chance son, I am not saying a word until you‟ve seen it,” he intrigued him as they
climbed up the green-grass gentle slope towards the house.
The side of the high cliff was extremely steep, with hanging plants and roots almost coloring
it green and purple. With one hand after another, the boy climbed along the small rocks all over
the dangerously steep side. As he climbed, his heart raced as he grabbed a rock that fell out and