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“Stop right there Cob!” he yelled as he shot up towards them, “I am sick of this nonsense!”
he said as he moved and grabbed the gorilla‟s foot from Cob‟s hand, dragging it away.
“What are you doing?” Ob wondered aloud, almost crying.
“Shut up Ob!” he replied as he dumped the dead primate into the bushes, and walked back
into the clearing.
“You know how hard it is to catch that meat!” Cob asked him seriously.
“Do I look like I care?” he asked him as he approached,
“You!” Cob said miserably while pointing at him,
“What?” the Wildman replied seriously, dismissing his „threat,‟ “I am going to teach you
clowns how to make real food!” he said as he angrily walked past between them.
“But we like the stew?” Ob said sadly,
“Whatever! We are cooking, my way!”
“I cannot believe this?” Ob complained,
“Gorilla stew is nice?” Bob admired,
“Shut up and grab that spoon!” the Wildman instructed while going for the skinned deer.
The other trolls watched as he dragged it next to the pot, which they had already put on top of the
“First thing you do is remove the skin!” the Wildman started.
“But it‟s got no skin?” Cob asked genuinely,
“We just removed it!” he shouted it at him,
“But you said first thing-”
“After you just captured it---before you cut it up and cook it damn you!” he interrupted him
with the answer, before proceeding, “and you do not start by cooking the legs!” he shouted it to
“It makes the best stew?” Cob replied with open hands,
“Best stew my buttocks! Next thing you do is cut off the head and the legs!” he stressed.
“The legs?” Bob wondered,
“We are not throwing em! We are going to roast em, later!” he informed him as he
proceeded to separate the head and the legs from the carcass.
“Okay,” he resumed after completion, “now we remove the insides.”
“Ob says they add flavor?” Cob informed him.
“Fuck Ob!” the Wildman replied, after which he proceeded to remove the intestines,
“You‟re spoiling the flavor, I‟m telling you,” Ob commented as he watched.
“I tried to warn him?” Cob added,
“Shut up and watch,” the Wildman said while cutting out the intestines and throwing them
aside, “now, you cut the meat up into pieces,”
“But it has no sweet parts left?” Bob observed,
“Say that after it‟s cooked, grab the knives and help me, come on?” he instructed.
“Whatever,” Cob said as he got down and helped him cut it up into big pieces, which they
threw into the hot pot as the others watched.