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“And that, was the easy part,” the Wildman said.
“The easy part?” Gob complained.
“Yes Gob, coz the next time I get you on my bed I am going to kill you! You, have to
remove all this fat, all of it. Sock the skin in water, and get ready to make it soft!” he said and
threw down the skin close to Gob, who just looked at it.
“Your skin, your job!” he reminded him, and then turned around to walk away.
“Can we cook it now?” Gob looked up and asked, and the Wildman stopped walking.
Without turning around, he sighed and shook his head, after which he proceeded.
“You did not say you wanted to know?” the Wildman answered Cob as he led them through
the bushes towards their clearing. On his back, Cob was carrying a very huge, dead gorilla–
strapped tight with the thick ropes that went aro und his shoulders and big belly. He walked in
front of Gob who carried the skinned deer in his left arm, with its folded skin under his right arm.
“You should have waited for us anyhow?” Cob said.
“You were hunting all day? Okay, look, be with me tomorrow when I show him how to
make it soft.”
“But we missed-”
“Are you going to come or what?”
“I‟m just saying we should have started from the start?” Ob added to the complains.
“Just come with us tomorrow! The matter with you,” the Wildman ended the discussion.
Night was falling fast, and all they had done all day was eat, walk, look for food, and walk
back. But since it was that time again, what they had done was of little concern to the trolls. It
was time to make gorilla stew–nothing else in the world mattered. After all, the entire day had
been about that one significant moment. All that hunting and „struggling‟. All of it always led to
that one special activity that excited their mouths and filled their bellies to bursting.
Peacefully, the Wildman was finishing off the bananas from earlier that morning, eating as
Bob walked past him with a stack of firewood. He was headed towards Cob, who was sharpening
a blunt knife next to the dead gorilla. To avoid „trouble‟, the Wildman tried his best not to look
and think about what Cob was about with the dead ape.
As he continued to eat his bananas, Gob walked into the clearing towards him, carrying a
cooking pot full of water in which he had socked the skin.
“Like this?” he asked the Wildman.
“Are you crazy!” the Wildman exclaimed, with none of the other trolls paying attention.
“I socked it,” Gob said.
“It‟s a cooking pot Gob! You know what, never mind, just, put it over there,” he pointed to
him. Gog followed his instruction as Cob carried the dead gorilla towards Bob–who was putting
the big dirty pot on top of a stand above the fire he had just lit. The Wildman finally looked at
them and was sickened.