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“Sit your stinking behind down on that rock!” he quickly ordered,
“You want me to sit down you just say so,” Gob said as he set down his kill, “you don‟t
need to shout and all,” he said as he sat on the rock, with the Wildman walking up to the deer
while drawing his dagger.
“Watch carefully, I‟m only doing this ones, so pay, attention,” he instructed Gob. Into the
deer‟s skin, he cut.
“Alright,” Gob responded after some silence. It annoyed the Wildman, who paused and
looked up at his face.
“What?” Gob asked,
“Whatever,” the Wildman responded and proceeded to cut into the skin.
While „rubbing‟ his big fingertips over his chest, Gob watched the Wildman, scratching as
he wondered when it would be all over so they could cook the animal.
“Alright Gob, take out your knife,” the Wildman instructed after he finished opening the
deer‟s skin, all the way to its tail. He watched as Gob drew his thick, old, blunt dagger. It
enraged him, the blunt, metallic whatever that Gob removed was hardly going to do the job. He
kept it together.
“You‟re going to put the tip right in here,” he started to explain as Gob followed, “you‟re
going to ease it into the inside, not in the flesh, not the flesh Gob, I want you to get that very
clearly, between the flesh, and the skin, you got it?”
“I got it,” Gob assured,
“Alright,” the Wildman agreed as he turned the deer so that the cut side faced Gob.
“Start,” he flagged him off.
“Put the tip in here, ease in the knife,” Gob repeated the instructions to himself, as his big
dagger froze close to the animal‟s skin with the Wildman waiting for him to go ahead. Unable to
proceed, Gob looked up at the Wildman, and then back at the skin. He was afraid of blundering.
“Okay! Alright,” the Wildman said while turning the animal back around, “I‟ll do it while
you watch, but again, I‟m only doing it ones.”
“Okay,” Gob responded. He observed as the Wildman continued to skin.
“Just like I said, you ease the knife in--like this. You pull the skin back as you just peel the
skin from the meat. See? It‟s easy,” he illustrated as Gob followed keenly–as if he was getting a
thing. All he wanted to do was cook the animal, and now he had to sit there and learn skin
making and all.
“Hold this,” the Wildman asked him to hold the excess piece of peeled skin, “now, I know
you‟ve got big arms Gob, I‟m going to ask you to pull the skin back, slowly! Okay?”
“Slowly,” he repeated.
Gob slowly started to pull back the skin.
“Hold there!” he said. Gob held just as it got tight enough, allowing the Wildman proceed
skinning. Patiently, Gob followed the process–until the neat piece of the main skin was
completely separated from the rest of the deer‟s carcass.