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Copyright by Jared Sande2013
His extremely tired eyes opened to the sight of the many leafless branches of the gigantic,
baobab tree, which „stood alone‟ in the dry vastness filled with extremely hot dust flowing about
in the hot, dry winds. It had been more than three agonizing hours, resting under that partial
shadow; lying flat on his back next to his old, very dusty, fairly straight walking stick–which he
struggled and turned his head to look at.
Turning away and looking around, he wallowed in the frustrating thought of having to get
up, breathing hard as he closed his eyes. He pushed his will and strained his muscles, in the
struggle to sit up. A sudden, excruciating ache tortured his head, pounding his brain, as he very
slowly pushed himself to rise. He struggled and turned to all his fours, and extended his very
thin, hardened right hand to grab his walking stick. Holding onto the stick, he strained to rise.
He stood on his very dusty, very weak legs, getting up on his densely bruised feet, on which
he had heavily worn out, barely wearable leather sandals. Straight and weak along the stick, he
stood. His very dizzy eyes looked forward into the endless, dry emptiness, tired as he sighed and
slowly looked back down at the dust.
“East…you have to… go east…,” he reminded himself as he held onto the stick, struggling
to take the first, hopeless step, pushing himself to take the next, and the next. Out of the partial
shade, he stepped, walking slowly into the unforgiving heat, as „the fire‟ from the sun instantly
resumed stressing his dark skin.
Looking down, he tried to shield his face–which had been „eaten inwards‟ by the draining of
flesh his body had consumed throughout his past, eighty-day trek. The dusty, maroon-red cloth
over his head did little to protect his face, his heavily stained, extremely dusty, maroon-red dress
not helping to insulate his body.
As he walked, his skin started to pour sweat, losing precious water, as his feet stepped on
top of the very dusty, densely cracked earth. About two meters in height, was the sea of heat
waves, bathing the endless, empty vastness, in which he was the only live creature. He struggled,
one step after another, dragging himself along through the bake-oven heat.