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The leopard jumped onto, and over the cave, moving towards him. Halfway through his
crossing over, he looked back at the leopard, during which he slid and fell on his back. Horrified,
he laid immobile on the ground. Sweat poured as his heart pumped out of his chest. The animal
came charging towards him with its claws at the ready. He raised his head to see as it came to
kill him. It got to him.
Hardly had it touched him when a sharp spear tip came down its neck and stopped
dangerously close to his forehead. The boy felt his heart stop for a second, and the back of his
brain turn cold, as he watched his sweating father pull up the entire animal and throw it to the
side. He watched as he stepped on it and pulled out his spear from its neck, piercing into its head
with a roar.
With tears rolling down, the boy looked up apologetically at his panting, sweating, bleeding
father, who was also looking down at him with sympathy. He dropped to his knees, spotting the
deep, stone cut on his leg, the one that had left the blood trail. While soundlessly shedding tears,
the boy rose to his knees and embraced his father, who embraced him as well.
“I am sorry father,” he cried.
“It is okay,” his father replied, realizing that he had almost lost him.
“I am sorry,” the boy cried,
“It is okay,” he consoled him; “it is fine, we have to get out of this place, come.”
That night, the man sat on the mud-plastered floor facing the fire, as he silently watched the
boy sleep quietly under the furry blanket. He looked at the puppy, which was coiled in the
depression next to the fire, also silently asleep. He looked up at the fire, as he continued to