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cave. As he prepared to reach further in and grab it, he heard another leopard moving around
fast, and as he turned his head to look, he saw his son‟s skin bracelet. He would deal with the
leopard first.
Promptly, he began to turn around with his spear held steady. The leopard, which was
already close to him, dived into the air to swoop down on him. As he turned around to pierce it,
he quickly realized that it was already too close. He let his dagger and spear drop, and he
grabbed its mouth as down to the ground, he fell with it roaring atop him.
With his bare hands between its canines, he held its jaws, which were very close to his face.
Under the rocks, the puppy hissed and barked in terror. Fiercely, the leopard roared as it
struggled to close its mouth and bite off his annoying arms; and as it opened its mouth wider for
the crashing bite, the man let go of the upper jaw, and with the right hand, he quickly reached to
his side and grabbed a rock close to the small cave. He strongly banged the leopard‟s head side.
Repeatedly, he banged its head. It reduced its aggression and shook its head. Strongly, he
pushed it aside and rolled over towards his spear. Recovering quickly, the leopard turned towards
him ones again. He grabbed the spear while still on the ground, as it leapt and pounced down
towards him. As it came down, he raised the spear so that it crashed its head into its tip.
Just after he rolled over and got up on his knee, another leopard flew out of the grass behind
him. At ones, he turned and „caught‟ it in midair–his right hand between its hind legs, and his left
between its front legs. He carried it over with its momentum and crashed it on its back on the
He rushed for his dagger on the ground, as yet another leopard charged out after him. He
grabbed the dagger and turned around fast while drawing it to his back; while on his knees, he
pierced right into the middle of its skull. Sweat continued to wet him as he panted. The animal
jerked its claws while dying. He rushed for his son‟s bracelet.
Convinced that he was dead, he picked it up and began mourning tearlessly. He began
harshly blaming himself for letting him out of his sight. However, as he mourned, he suddenly
heard the boy‟s distant cries. Immediately, he stopped mourning and looked up, after which he
ran for his spear and pulled it out of the dead leopard. He rushed through the grass towards the
At another open part of the grass, were several rocks forming more caves–the places where
the grass leopards slept. Under one of the smallest caves, was the sweating, crying boy,
struggling to stay hidden from the leopard that was snarling while moving around the cave. It
climbed on top of it, as it tried to get him. It could not fit its huge body through the small
With its powerful paws, it tried to claw away the rocks, scarring the boy who tried to stay
hidden. The claws repeatedly swept near his face and body, and his heart throbbed as he turned
this way and that way to keep away from the animal. Desperately, he looked out of that cave and
spotted another one directly across the field; and as soon as the leopard jumped behind the cave,
he crawled out and started towards the other cave.