Why Worry About the Gradual Loss of Our Liberties


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In the light of widespread incomplete understanding and appreciation of the powerful and successful system of Capitalism, Dr. Wood has undertaken the project of clarification of the true concepts of the system that took this United States from its small, impoverished state to become the most powerful nation among the countries of the world. By stark contrast, the failure of Socialism, the competing system of societal thought and organization, nonetheless, still enjoys a large, but unwarranted, support due to extensive educational one-sided indoctrination. It is surprising that so much of the program of the socialist agenda by gradual infiltration has become a part of today’s political discourse and law.


The unprofessional tone of this book is readily apparent within the first 10 pages. Multiple references to sources such as Hannity and Ann Coulter only further support the extreme bias and absurd nature in which this book is written. From blatant and unmasked hypocrisy to skewing information to further the author's own, sometimes, narrow viewpoints, this work serves only to placate those with similar opinions and to recruit the uninformed through misinformation and rhetoric. Though the examples are numerous, I shall simply mention the first appearance. Mr. Wood states in one paragraph that the political "left" seizes every opportunity to discredit, censor and verbally attack those who do not agree, primarily using misrepresentation and word play. However, in the following paragraph the author goes on to make a case against the court ruling that the "under God", within the Pledge of Allegiance, is unconstitutional. He argues against its clear infringement of the "Establishment Clause" which is, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". His justification is that "under God" teaches us humility and should be regarded as something to be praised but this unconstitutional breach unmistakably favors the monotheistic Christian god and its respective religious establishment, with which many disagree and do not subscribe to. This hypocrisy is only slightly veiled leading me to believe that the author is directing this books at non-independents. Unfortunately I am coming off as one who takes the generic opposing viewpoint to the author's standard philosophies. To re-establish my own credibility and objectivity I do agree with some of the points the author makes, my main issue is with how he argues them. For instance, his ideas on the self destructive nature of socialism resonated with my thoughts strongly. Overall, as a writer the author is terribly lacking in writing skills and integrity. As a saving grace I will say his frequent and accurate use of citations is commendable.


A message wonderfully written that every thinking person needs to read.

Sarah Williams

Capitalism may be imperfect, but it's sure got communism beat. Read it!


Never as much as right now do we need to care about losing our freedoms. Can we keep them?


David L. Wood

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