Why Should I Learn That?


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Book Description

This short eBook provides concise practical reasons for the importance of learning various subjects in an educational curriculum. Essays include topics such as the importance of learning the sciences, the arts, the humanities, history, and more. Each essay is 1-2 pages and outlines in clear terms important and compelling reasons for learning each topic.


A guide to successful parenting. What every parent ought to know.

Bruce Schneider

Useful for fast responses to questioning students


Kevin J. Browne

I am currently engaged in a variety of different pursuits. This website provides a composite sketch of each of those different facets of my life. I don't believe people should allow themselves to be pigeonholed into one thing that they do. My current vocation is to be an educator. I have many avocations. Each of these I do for the sheer enjoyment and love of creating. I love to compose music, organize things, read books, carve wooden bowls.

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