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Why Make Yourself

400 Strategies for a Stress-Free Life
G. Gaynor McTigue

Praise for the 400 breakthrough solutions inWhy Make Yourself Crazy?


From experts:

"We live our lives oftentimes mired in destructive habits of insecurity—habits that generate anxiety and stress. G. Gaynor McTigue has managed to compile a profound and unique array of eye-opening life strategies that offer the reader simple, effective and healthy alternatives to stress. If stress is part of your life, you can’t afford not to read this wonderful book."

—Dr. Joe Luciani, author of Self-Coaching: The Powerful Program to Beat Anxiety and Depression
* * *

"Open this book anywhere and you will enjoy common sense solutions to life's big and small problems. It is like having a wise advisor at your fingertips."

—Gloria Arenson, MS, MFT, author of Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing
* * *

"If you're looking for a variety of quick and effective ideas for lowering your stress level, you can hardly do better than G. Gaynor McTigue's new book. There is literally a lot of something for everyone!"

—Jeff Davidson, author of the 60 Second Organizer * * *

"Did my family bribe McTigue to write this book? It's the reliable advice from those who know exactly what I need to do to be happy. And they...and McTigue...are absolutely right. And it's all dished out in digestible bite sized tidbits!"

—Carolyn Reuben, author of Cleansing the Body, Mind, and Spirit
From readers around the world:

"Stress tips? Fantastic! More like practical wisdom for living. They have helped to streamline life, refocus on priorities, endorse my humanity, appreciate diversity, accept my limitations, welcome beauty, question status quo, challenge norms, and regain composure when the frenzy of busyness escalates!"

—Marisa, London, UK
* * *

"Like a sharp, merciless scalpel, these stress tips cut away the fluff, the fads, the senseless distractions in our culture that tend to rob us of who we are."

—Linda Maxwell,.Richmond, KY
* * *

"Commom sense, easily identifiable situations and behaviours that leave me laughing at myself because they are us! Thank you for your insights and helping me to leave behind the rat race. I thought I was alone in my dissatisfaction of our way of life until I read your many eloquent words."

—Bernadette.Keane, USA
* * *
"Brilliantly simple, easy to put into practice and particularly relevant to our modern lifestyle!"
—Jeanette, Queensland,.Australia
* * *

"G. Gaynor McTigue writes in a clear, straightforward, practical way that will soon help clear the mental and physical clutter from your life, eradicate the thinking errors and set you on a course for a happier, healthier existence."

—Jeff Petersen,.Cove, Oregon



Welcome! This special edition of W hy Make Yourself Crazy? is your introduction to a proven, breakthrough program for eliminating stress, anxiety and clutter from your life.

Rather than just relieve your stress, each strategy goes right to the source of the stress and gives you the tools, motivation and attitude changes you need to actually reverse the stressful habits and mindsets you've developed over the course of your life. They really work. Ask any of the thousands of people worldwide currently using them with enormous success.

If you find this sample selection of tips helps you get rid of some the debilitating stress in your life, we invite you to download the full 400-strategy edition—with solutions for virtually every stressful situation you face! You'll receive 3 valuable bonuses, too. Go to:


And feel free to pass along this preview edition of Why Make Yourself Crazy? to anyone else you know who’s saddled with stress. Thanks for trying out our life-changing stress reduction program!

Do one thing at a time.

Do it mindfully. Do it well. Enjoy the satisfaction. Then go on to the next thing. Multitasking might work for computers, but humans have yet to get the hang of it. A growing body of evidence affirms that trying to accomplish several things at once takes up more time overall than doing them
sequentially. It consumes an excessive amount of mental energy, too, so you fatigue more quickly. The lack of focus also leads to careless mistakes, shoddy work and
unreliable performance. Worst of all, having to do things over. This is no way to live. Give what you're doing your undivided attention. Take the time to get it right. You'll be more productive, and less stressed, in the long run. Why make yourself crazy?

Sometimes, of course you, you have so many tasks due it’s hard not to frantically try to do them all at once. In the full edition, you’ll find many strategies that ensure you’ll no longer be put in that position. And if for some reason you are, you’ll learn how to handle it with calm efficiency. Order now and claim your 3 free bonuses at:

Throw something out every day.

You've got too much stuff in your house. Office. Garage. Attic. Useless clutter that's weighing you down, getting in the way, obscuring the things you really need. Just looking at the stuff is stressful, to the point where physical clutter soon becomes mental clutter. The problem is getting rid of it. It's a huge job, so you keep putting it off. But the more you put it off the more clutter you accumulate...making it an even more humongous task to face. Here's how to break the cycle. Every day, find one thing you don't need and toss it. Or give it away. Or sell it at a consignment shop. Be realistic. If you're not going to use it, lose it. Over time, the clutter will begin to vanish and space and order will magically appear in your home... and your life. Stick with this. It really works. Why make yourself crazy?

In the same vein, you’re going to love strategy #91, which will keep your house immaculate with minimal effort. And with strategy #334 clutter never has a chance to happen!

Cut down on competitive stress.

Today, we compete for everything: the space around us, to be first to own a new product, to get our kids signed up for
programs, to get our viewpoints across, to be faster, smarter, richer, sexier. Our days are filled with stressful competitions. And most are absolutely unnecessary. Because they're driven by insecurity, fear of being left behind, an ingrained need to always have more or better than the next guy. Try to get above all that. If you want to compete, strive to be the one who stays calm and in control, who isn't easily sucked in by material things, who avoids being caught up in the daily grab-bag that robs people of health and peace of mind. Compete for that and see how pointless all those other competitions become. And how misguided those who partake in them begin to appear. Why make yourself crazy?

This is one of hundreds of tips that will change your thinking patterns in ways that will bring you peace, harmony and total enjoyment of what really matters to you: More at: http://www.pickmeupbooks.com/stress-book

Eliminate excessive and


superfluous activities.

Today, we run up time debt faster than we do credit card debt. And it's a debt we can't repay. It happens when we plan, sign up for and agree to do things without considering how long they'll take or where we'll fit them into our schedule. And that's inviting conflicts, chaos, mad dashes, late arrivals, no-shows, bruised feelings, and disappointing experiences. If this is life in the fast lane, maybe you should change lanes. Time is precious. Be selective how you dole yours out. Limit your pursuits to what you can fully and leisurely enjoy. Remember, every activity must be prepared for, gotten to, participated in, and returned from. Don't overbook yourself like the airlines do. You're asking for trouble. Why make yourself crazy?

Also, you must read strategy #23, which has some cautionary advice about volunteering. Strategy #392 offers foolproof ways to say “no”, while #219 gets others off your back and returns control of your life to you. Get all 400 strategies + 3 free bonuses at…

Put affection back into


your relationship.

A small amount of affection can melt days, months, even years of tension, distance and discord between you and your partner. Take the initiative, swallow your pride and rekindle the affection you once thrived on. A reassuring hand on the shoulder, a simple kiss, a gentle hug are good places to start. Keep at it, even if it’s not immediately returned or acknowledged. In time a thaw will take hold, and warmth and intimacy likely ensue. A daily dose of affection can often soothe what words can't. Why make yourself crazy?

An enormous amount of stress is caused by relationships gone awry and there are many strategies in Why Make Yourself Crazy? that remedy these situations and help your relationships with loved ones, friends, coworkers, and others thrive. Even if you think it's no longer possible!

To receive the full 400-strategy edition, get 3 FREE BONUSES, plus a full money-back guarantee go to:


Never be embarrassed at having to scale back.

Unfortunately, we often judge ourselves on the basis of our success or failure. So it can be a blow to your self-esteem if career or financial setbacks force you to abandon a lifestyle, scuttle future plans or cut back on amenities you once took for granted. Don't take it so personally. Even the Donald Trumps of the world stumble now and then. Yet you don't see them writhing in humiliation, do you? So why should you? View this as an opportunity to at long last simplify, unburden yourself of stressful baggage, and refocus on those who are truly important to you. It's not about your pride and ego. It's about rationally adjusting to the inevitable ebb and flow of life. Why make yourself crazy?

In this harsh economic climate, the stress can be unbearable at times, especially for those most affected by the downturn. Many of the strategies in Why Make Yourself Crazy? address these very issues: employment problems, investment losses, debt, cutting expenses, saving on purchases, and most of all not tying self-worth to money. Get them all. Download the complete edition at:

One sport per child per season.

There are more than enough
opportunities during the year for your child to participate in different sports, without having to cram several into one season. Shuttling kids around like a madman on weekends stresses out the entire family, at a time when everyone should be stressfree. It also isn't fair to coaches and teammates when conflicts cause your child to miss important games and practices. Why overplan leisure? Kids should have ample free time for unstructured play to let their imaginations take flight, rather than always be saddled with adult-like schedules. Limit each child to a single sport per season. He or she can focus on it, get better at it, and you can enjoy watching it. And you’ll be together more as a family. Why make yourself crazy?

Just one of many parenting stress tips you’ll find— including anxiety-free disciplining, eating out, putting the kids to work (and lifting a burden from you), handling teens, dealing with undue outside influences, and more:

Don't let unhealthy job stress persist.

If your workload or project is impossible to complete without pulling your hair out, doing a slapdash job or suffering a near stroke for your trouble, speak up early on rather than bottle it up and be unable to perform the work accurately and professionally. And do it in a positive way, without complaining, by offering possible solutions: you'll need more time; you can do part of the project in the allotted time; or you'll require more help. If you're a good competent worker your request should command respect and compliance. It doesn't help anyone to say nothing and let it eat away at your wellbeing, and subject both you and your company to poor performance. Why make yourself crazy?

Work just may be the mother of all stress. Which is why we’ve got dozens and dozens of strategies to take to work with you. Like #20, a saner way to schedule tasks; #196 if you’re juggling several projects; #358 if others are wasting your time; #295 if you’re wasting your own time; #14 on eliminating meaningless deadlines…and many more! Order at http://www.pickmeupbooks.com/stress-book

Avoid eating as a response to stress.

Remember when people used to grab a cigarette during moments of stress?
Thankfully, most have managed to kick the habit. Now unfortunately it's food many of us reach for at such times, for both good stress and bad. Be careful. Monitor yourself in these situations. Do you want that snack because you're genuinely hungry? Or are you just looking for a way to dissipate some anxiety? Adding excess calories and
unwanted weight will only lock you into a harmful stress/eating cycle. Try other instant stress relievers like the many others you'll find in this book: better breathing techniques, instant stress-easing exercises, anxiety-reducing activities, and many more . Why make yourself crazy?

Eating, cooking, entertaining, shopping for food, feeding the kids, poor nutritional habits. So many opportunities to encounter stress…but fortunately they’re all covered and dealt with in the critically acclaimed Why Make Yourself Crazy?400 Strategies for a Stress-Free Life. And it’s yours for the price of a fast-food meal (and much more healthy!).

Don’t fall victim to a chronic talker.

It’s polite to hear someone out for a reasonable length of time. But if a person is hogging the conversation at a dinner party, chewing your ear off at work, or simply isn’t interested in what anyone else has to say... you have every right to cut them short. Chronic yakkers will numb your brain, steal your time, chill a convivial mood, and stress you out. So interrupt. Bring others into the conversation. Or simply excuse yourself and leave. If this sends a message, so much the better. Insensitive people don’t understand subtlety. Give one-sided conversationalists the hook. Why make yourself crazy?

The above is a perfect example of the hundreds of different stressful situations you can find yourself in at any moment, predicaments where stock platitudes like “grin and bear it” or “stay calm” just don’t cut it. In this book, you’ll find specific solutions to specific problems. Hundreds of them. Like how to avoid the stress of choosing a paint color (or fabric, or whatever) from thousands available (#9 ). What to do when you’re freaking out over an unpleasant upcoming event (#246). The perfect way to relieve your stress when you know you’ll be late (#76). In today’s tumultuous world, this is a book you simply can’t afford to be without! Order now at: http://www.pickmeupbooks.com/stress-book


Keep going! Download all 400 strategies right now and eliminate stress, anxiety and clutter from every area of your life…forever! It’s backed by a full, noquestions-asked, money-back guarantee. Go to:


And receive 3 FREE Bonuses with your order! Can be purchased from virtually anywhere in the world by credit card, PayPal or bank draft.

Readers are invited to pass along this eBook to their families, friends, coworkers, and colleagues. Simply attach this PDF file to an email message or provide them with this link on your website or other communications:



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