Why I Sing- HTML version

Why I Sing:
Nails digging into the rough scratchy bark, I climb higher and higher until I finally reach the very
tip of the tree. My weight is virtually nothing, so I’m not worried about it breaking or tipping, and I stand
up-balancing on my left foot.
Wind whips around me, strands of my bright blue hair flickering against my cheeks and neck. I
allow my eyes to close, taking in a deep breath, and cup my hands.
Holding my cupped hands high above my head, I begin to hum. The sound vibrates at the base
of my throat, the core of my power, and grows louder. My lips part, forming unknown velvet words, and
I can feel the cool sizzling energy wash through my veins. It’s like being injected with liquid; I can feel it
spread down from the tips of my fingers, through my throat, and into the rest of my body.
The energy vanishes, along with the melody, like someone blowing out a flickering candle.
I lower my hands. My fingers tremble with silent rage. Why couldn’t they wait until I was done?
“Ana.” My name is repeated, louder.
I peer down. My mother glares up at me, ruby red eyes narrowed. Her long brown hair is pulled
back into a low bun decorated with jewels and a crown. Wisps of curls dangle around her hairline and
she angrily pushes one back behind one of her long narrow ears. Her long flowing dress circles around
her, and from an aerial view it looks like she’s standing in a large royal blue dot.
“Come down here.” She folds her arms across her chest, long sleeves brushing.
My own ruby eyes narrow. “Why?”
Even from all the way up here, I can see the unspoken anger building up within her. But I’m
angry too. She interrupted my meditation, the one thing I am required to do as a fairy in training and
actually enjoy.
My mother’s foot begins to tap. Even beneath all the dress, I can hear it crunching against the
dead leaves that litter the forest floor. Sighing slightly, I take one long last look around. The castle sits
fairly close to my left, large stone towers looming over the small villages and towns surrounding it like
an unforgettable shadow. Small ant people bustle around through the streets of Lithium. Vendors’
shouts echo off the dark billowing gray sky-despite the unnatural color.
Am I seriously the only one who’s noticed the change?
Lithium’s sky is no longer crystalline blue. The forests are dying. It’s rare now, to see a tree with
leaves still attached to its branches and an even more rare sight to see a green leaf. The water that
rushes through the rivers has started to die out. Animals have become extinct.