Why I Can't Quit


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Falling down is a given, staying down is an option.Every entrepreneur will at some point encounter failure situations, which may knock him down. The sole decision on whether the knock down is just a knock down in which case he gets back up or a total knock out in which case he does not get back up all lies on the entrepreneur. WHY I CAN’T QUIT, explains the truths to staying focused and long enough on your entrepreneurial journey even when knocked down by entrepreneurial challenges and setbacks. It shows why quitting, staying down or choosing an easy compromise should never be in your list of alternative options as an entrepreneur. 


Chibuike Wogu

ChibuikeWogu helps entrepreneurs. He is a graduate student of International Business Management from Poznan University College of Business, Poland He has counseled aspiring and young entrepreneurs, teaching on motivation in entrepreneurship. He is the Managing Director of Carl Commodities Nigeria Limited.

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