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A book taken from a movie script.
Written by Phil Mitchell
Chapter 1.
It's July 1966: Three weeks before the FIFA World Cup Final at Wem-
bley. The weather is absolutely perfect. A great year for English football
fans and a great year for South London Gangsters.
Harry, an evil, violent, criminal, with the ability to make people and
problems disappear. He owns South London's premier dance hall, "The Lo-
carno," and as the kingpin of almost all of South London’s criminal ac-
tivities. Puts him at the top of the police's most "Want To Fuck Over List."
It's early Saturday evening. Harry emerges naked from a short swim in
his indoor swimming pool. He's overweight, in his late forties, and it's
obvious he eats, drinks, and smokes too much. He towels himself off and
throws on a large white fluffy toweling dressing gown, tightens the cord
as best he can. There's a bottle of white wine in a bucket of ice on one of
the pool side tables. He pours himself a glass until the bottle is empty.
Takes a drink. Lights a cigar.
As is the bent of 99.9% nouveau riche gangsters, they have no taste, or
class. Anything that might be construed as refined is totally lost on them.
Harry is no exception.
Point in question: There is a mural he has had painted on the inside walls
of his swimming pool. Through very unrealistic painted arches, you can
see the equally unrealistic rolling hills of the Italian countryside. It looks
like crap.
Now, sitting at one of the many poolside tables is Bob. " A hard man who
works for Harry." He's drinking a beer straight from the bottle.
Harry sits down at table with Bob. "I'm taking her out to dinner so I
won't be down the club till about 10, ish. Make sure them 3 musketeers
are sorted by the time I get there."
Bob, "Sorted?"