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The next item to check out are the ISP's downtime history, for obvious reasons: If the server is
down, so is your web site. My current host site was great at first, but recently the server has
been down almost as much as my stock shares; thus, I am on the lookout for a good ISP (and
an even better stockbroker). It is very frustrating to pay for something you don't get, and how
many of us have gotten home from the local fast food restaurant only to discover the beef is
missing. That is probably the same feeling users have when they (or anyone else) cannot access
their web site or e-mail. When considering a host site, ask them what their uptime percentage
is, and it should be just under 100 percent. Any lower than that, you'd be better off posting
your web site at that fast food restaurant. Clearly, failure to stay up and running can be costly
to e-commerce businesses, but it is just as costly to companies that depend on the web for part
of their advertising and public identification. One way to get a true reading on a hosting
company's reliability is to check with some of its existing clients to determine what they think
about it. Any one of them can be an eye opener, so make sure you check with several to get a
real picture. Give your host a call - if you can!
Free telephone support from your web hosting company is critical. Why? If the server is down,
there goes your e-mail capabilities, too. I recently found a company of interest to me, but when
I asked them for their 24/7 telephone support number, they said they only offered e-mail
support. Perhaps they are expecting users to write letters to report their problems when the
server is down, but I'll never know because I immediately scratched them off my list. Some
companies may not have a toll-free number to call, but at least the support itself is free. Others
charge for the support, which means you pay that in addition to the cost of the telephone call.
Perhaps the best way to determine how reliable a web hosting company's support is, is to send
an e-mail to them on Saturday night. If you don't get a response until Monday, then you will
know that in the future that if problems occur early in the weekend, your site will probably stay
down until the work week begins on Monday. That could be quite costly. At this point, if your
ISP has not met the criteria discussed above, it may be time to be looking for another home for
your web site. Moving to another site can be a pain, but your domain registrar can usually be of
help, and so can the host you choose to replace the old one.
Top 10 Requirements for Choosing the Right Web Host
After you've selected a great domain name and you're ready to get started, the next step is
choosing the "right" web host for your business needs.
Your web site will be the very foundation of your Internet presence. Selecting the right web
hosting service is critical to your success. I am sure you have heard the old saying, "you get
what you pay for". This usually rings true on the internet, as well as in the real world.