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Finding the Web Hosting Co. That's Right for You
By Lee Creek
Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, if you're going to have a web site, you'll
have to have a web host. Lee Creek offers sage advice on how to find the host that's right for
you. At times, finding a good host for a web site is like discovering a fat guy appearing in an
advertisement for a fancy health club -- it never happens unless they need a "before" model
standing next to the well chiseled "after" guy. Sure, there are plenty of good web hosts out
there, I'm told, but it can be difficult to find one that is right for a user's particular purpose.
What may be an excellent choice for one user could be a major mistake for another. And that,
my friends, is the first factor to consider when searching for a web host. What exactly do you
Finding the perfect host should begin by analyzing what is needed for the web site. If a host
doesn't offer the services needed, then nothing else makes it worth bothering with, including
price. Knowing what you need can also eliminate wasted time looking at hosts that do not offer
services matching your needs. For individuals and some small businesses, the solution
sometimes is as simple as storing the web site on the space they got when they chose their
internet service provider. Those sites usually cost about $20 a month and come with a limited
amount of space or data transfer allowance. Frequently, however, that allowance is too little,
and/or the host may not offer other services that a small company may require, including e-
commerce or CGI-bin access or even customer service. Further, the ISP may also charge a
punishing fee for those who exceed their allotted storage and usage amounts. That is why it is
important to not only consider current needs but to allow for future growth. Another thing to
think about is the location of the hosting company. While brick and mortar businesses are
sometimes limited geographically, internet businesses have the world in reach at the touch of a
button. Thus, if you cannot get a good local company to meet your hosting needs, look around
for the company that best suits your needs and billfold, and don't worry about location.
However, you do want to make sure they have a toll-free number to use to contact them.
People are often lured by free web hosting sites, but that comes with a cost that is sometimes
too high. The dollars may be right, but users are forced to build their site with the hosting
company's online builder, costing time to make changes, more difficult, and often virtually
impossible to customize. Another factor with free web hosting is that it can require the user to
put up with ads or aggravating watermarks that appear on all the pages on their sites. To
eliminate that problem, users should choose hosting companies that allow 24/7 FTP access.
Changes that need to be made can be made as the user needs, and they can be customized to
the user's desires. Is the host reliable?