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Who Am I
Actions, not words, display intent. People typically contradict their words with their
actions. A person who invests years into researching and understanding difficult
matters, and then writes about them, has made a commitment through actions.
There was nothing easy about my investment and eventual writing. It is much
easier to read, although it is certainly not easy reading. Before I wrote I had to live
it and learn it.
A quick perspective of life can be seen in the game of Chess. It describes very
well the dynamics of the ego, and how it relates to life.
The pawn represents a commoner, and is limited and predictable, but can do
much. The rook represents a chariot...a tool. It can do more than a commoner, but
is straightforward and predictable. The knight is a soldier...very skilled and
dangerous. The bishop is a powerful controller...doing great damage, but always
twisted and at an angle. The queen is most powerful and can do anything, but is
not skilled like a knight. The king does little or nothing.
It is the pawn who survives, is freely charitable, lives with realistic goals, and
builds the foundation that supports the kingdom. It is the pawn who goes to
Heaven...not the powerful. Only when a pawn assumes the role of the powerful,
can such a person go to Heaven...and only a pawn who remains a pawn
throughout life, survives the ego. Surviving the ego is the purpose of life.
A pawn who remains a pawn, takes care of family and friends, lives each day as a
pawn, and remembers who they are...is a chosen one. Giving is a product of living
as a chosen one, and those around that person enjoy the benefits...learning to
share. Learning is handed down from generation to generation, and life stays
simple. Progress is slow and gradual. This kind of life builds a foundation for the
future...providing inspiration and guidance.
When a pawn does not have the support of family and friends, it is abandoned.
Our lives are dominated by the masses...who are the product of abandonment.
The ego is a part of life, and once abandonment occurs, it takes hold. Ambition is
only one of many corruptions of the soul. Unless a pawn who assumes the role of
the other chess pieces...remains a pawn, that person becomes that piece...and is
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