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Who Am I
(1)Truth is a simple word. In my life, I found that humanity rarely deals with truth.
Truth requires a commitment not ordinarily found in people. Society has an effect
on honesty as well. (2) Ideally, in a perfect society, I would suggest that maybe
25-50% of people can be honest. Today, I estimate that far less than 5% are
honest. If you read my "Deal Or No Deal", and you are capable of being objective,
you will understand why.
It can be quite likely that a potential reader may choose to not believe the facts.
Truth can be refreshing to an "enlightened" soul, while it may be painful and totally
rejected by a soul consumed by the ego. I have formed a theory that helps to
explain this. (2) People who commonly "assume" things...maybe even
daily...defend themselves from truth. Assumptions take the easy way
out...soothing the ego, and require no commitment.
(1)For example...a reader may assume I am non-committal towards truth...as
most people are. This reader generally goes through life avoiding difficulty as
much as possible, and commonly indulges oneself. A chain smoker is such a
person. This person makes quick assumptions based on ease and quits on a
quest rather than making a commitment. They choose lying, make excuses as to
why they should lie, and blame others.
Or the reader may make a commitment to investigation...which leads to more
understanding. An inquisitive mind...a scientific mind...easily makes commitments
because it requires little investment. Truth is the goal. Taking the easy way out is a
waste of time. Any person who displays his true self through actions, rather than
using deceit to hide intentions, is such a person. Those who understand the
meaning of life are commonly the ones who examine their individuality and see
who they really are.
A scientist does not generally arrive at a truthful conclusion. Instead, he/she offers
a summation of the facts...while the conclusion may change many times
throughout the future. The conclusion is a separate statement. It is very common
for the collective scientific mind to change periodically. So, truth...as it relates to a
story...is the ability to state the facts. My goal here is to state the facts, and then
provide insightful commentary.
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