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Who Am I
( by Wade Welch)
What is Truth?
Before I decided to write an autobiography, I had previously decided not
to...several times. My story seemed unique all along, but it had little meaning to
me. It just appeared to be a pile of confusion. Now, there is a difference. The
overall timing seems right, and I finally discovered a pattern...a theme...guiding
me through this life. I now know that, in my life, everything happens for a reason.
If you remember the movie "Forrest Gump", he went through a series of
unfortunate events that always turned out to be very fortunate. In my life, the
pattern is similar. Each time I chose a quest, it backfired. Instead of living the easy
life, and never learning the meaning of life, I found various degrees of suffering.
Through this suffering, I eventually learned lessons that I would have otherwise
never learned.
When I wrote "Deal Or No Deal; The True Meaning Of Life", I wrote about truth
and facts. I had ten years of research behind my work. That is my writing style. I
have a commitment to truth that goes beyond my words. I display it through my
actions. Most people are hung up on taking and receiving. My writing is giving.
Still, I expect that very few people will read what I write. They not only lack a
commitment to truth and understanding, they also fear truth.
This is the story of my life. I will tell it through my memories, which will be an
honest representation of the facts. I will also provide commentary...my opinions or
theories. These theories will make sense as I see it, as well as offer varying
possibilities. I will divide them into two categories...(1)editorial...and (2)theory.
They will be paragraphs or chapters which will describe my (1)feelings and
perspectives, and insight discovered after I lived this life...plus (2)possible
explanations and speculation not yet substantiated by the facts.
My goal here is to provide factual information and possible conclusions, as well as
make it easy for the reader to distinguish between truth and editorial. The facts will
not have an indicator number. You will be able to draw your own conclusions.
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