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Daffodils _Wordsworth_ 179
Darius Green and His Flying Machine _Trowbridge_ 153
Day Well Spent, A 38
Dead Pussy Cat, The _Short_ 64
Diffidence 23
Don't Give Up _P. Cary_ 182
Driving Home the Cows _Osgood_ 88
Drummer Boy of Mission Ridge 49
Each in His Own Tongue _Carruth_ 58
Echo _Saxe_ 20
Engineers Making Love _Burdette_ 21
Eternal Goodness, The _Whittier_ 87
Fable, A _Emerson_ 177
Face Upon the Floor, The _D'Arcy_ 108
Fairies, The _Allingham_ 173
Fence or an Ambulance, A _Malins_ 127
First Settler's Story, The _Carleton_ 197
First Snow-fall, The _Lowell_ 99
Flag Goes By, The _Bennett_ 45
Fountain, The _Lowell_ 186
Four-leaf Clover, The _Higginson_ 134
Frost, The _Gould_ 171
Give Us Men _Holland_ 33
God's Judgment on a Wicked Bishop _Southey_ 124
Golden Keys 134
Good Night and Good Morning _Houghton_ 184
Gradatim _Holland_ 96
Green Mountain Justice, The _Reeves_ 74
Guilty or Not Guilty 22
Hand That Rules the World, The _Wallace_ 113
House by the Side of the Road, The _Foss_ 56
How Cyrus Laid the Cable _Saxe_ 58
How He Saved St. Michael's _Stansbury_ 119
Huskers, The _Whittier_ 152
If-- _Kipling_ 51
I Like Little Pussy _J. Taylor_ 178
Incident of the French Camp _R. Browning_ 182
In Flanders Fields _McCrae_ 195
In Flanders Fields: An Answer _Galbreath_ 195
In School-Days _Whittier_ 31
Inventor's Wife, An _Ewing_ 13
Invictus _Henley_ 29
Is It Worth While? _Joachim Miller_ 36
I Want to Go to Morrow 72