Where the Blue Begins HTML version

Abraham Lincoln _T. Taylor_ 16
All Things Bright and Beautiful _Alexander_ 41
American Flag, The _Drake_ 133
Answer to "Rock Me to Sleep" 103
Arrow and the Song, The _Longfellow_ 74
Asleep at the Switch _Hoey_ 56
At School-Close _Whittier_ 65
Aunt Tabitha 45
Autumn Woods _Bryant_ 48
Baby, The _Macdonald_ 22
Barbara Frietchie _Whittier_ 71
Barefoot Boy, The _Whittier_ 176
Bay Billy _Gassaway_ 104
Be Strong _Babcock_ 174
Better Than Gold _Smart_ 143
Bingen on the Rhine _Norton_ 121
Blue and the Gray, The _Finch_ 183
Bluebird's Song, The _E.H. Miller_ 73
Bobby Shaftoe 8
Boy and His Stomach, A 93
Boy's Song, A _Hogg_ 172
"Breathes There the Man" _Scott_ 185
Brier-Rose _Boyesen_ 144
Brook, The _Tennyson_ 162
Brown Thrush, The _Larcom_ 181
Bugle Song, The _Tennyson_ 183
Builders, The _Longfellow_ 181
Building of the Ship, The _Longfellow_ 63
Burial of Sir John Moore, The _Wolfe_ 190
Calf Path, The _Foss_ 110
Casey at the Bat _Thayer_ 100
Casey's Revenge _Wilson_ 101
Chambered Nautilus, The _Holmes_ 169
Character of the Happy Warrior _Wordsworth_ 165
Charge of the Light Brigade, The _Tennyson_ 166
Children's Hour, The _Longfellow_ 70
Children, The _Dickinson_ 53
Child's Thought of God, A _E.B. Browning_ 183
Christ in Flanders 18
Christmas Everywhere _Brooks_ 158
Cloud, The _Shelley_ 159
College Oil Cans _McGuire_ 122
Columbus _Joaquin Miller_ 83
Concord Hymn, The _Emerson_ 99
Corn Song, The _Whittier_ 171
Crossing the Bar _Tennyson_ 186
Curfew Must Not Ring To-night _Thorpe_ 24
Custer's Last Charge _Whittaker_ 91