Where's My Hat HTML version

And then I turned around real fast, and there she
was. Alice. Only I didn’t know it was Alice yet. She
hadn’t introduced herself.
“Hi,” she purred. “I’m Alice.”
“Hello, Alice,” I responded. I’m Private Detective
Maxine Peters. I solve mysteries.”
“It is very nice to meet you, detective,” she said.
“Thank you, it is very nice to meet you too.” I
I gazed into her eyes for a bit, which looked like
limpid pools of pure desire. She also had a great
“Oh detective,” she purred. “I seem to have lost my
holo-necklace. Could you help me find it?”
“Sure” I said, and started fishing around in her
“Oh no,” she laughed, I mean it’s been STOLEN!”
Now she was all seriousness.
“Yes, stolen” she confirmed.
“Well We’ll have to do something about that,” I
said and reached up to scratch my head.
As I was scratching I noticed my hat was missing
too! “Oh sweet Jesus!” I cried! “My hat has been
stolen as well!”