Where's My Hat HTML version

The night I met Alice was like any other night. I
was taking the hover-subway home from a client’s
house. Old Gordon had tried to get out of paying
me. I had to break a few of his teeth. When you’re
in a line of work like mine, you have to be prepared
to break a few teeth sometimes. I’m a private
detective. And a woman.
And it’s the FUTURE.
That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see a hover-
subway instead of a regular one. When you’ve been
living in the future your whole life the way I have,
you get used to all kinds of science stuff: androids,
laser guns, flying cars, and hover-subways. Also the
computers are way smart. As in, you think
computers are smart now? In the future they are
about ten times that.
The hover-subways still had flickering fluorescent
lighting, though. It was very ambient. In my head I
was humming some dramatic music. It went like
this: duh duh duh duh DUUUUH.