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Where’s My BAILOUT!
As a nation, we're in the dark about our finances, according to new research
released by CreditExpert.co.uk today.
The survey reveals that despite 96 per cent of us claiming to be familiar with our
current finances, when questioned further it appears that many of us do not have
a clear picture of our credit commitments.
As well as being unaware of what is going on in our credit accounts, a significant
proportion of us are also unclear about the APR (annual percentage rate) we are
charged on credit cards, loans and overdrafts.
Whilst most of us know our overdraft limit, the study revealed that over a third (36
per cent) of the population are unsure what APR is. The lack of APR awareness
is even more marked when it comes to credit cards, with 48 per cent of the nation
unable to recall the APR on the cards they hold.
The British population spends a whopping 13 billion* hours every year worrying
about spiralling personal debt according to new research from The Co-operative
It is a sobering fact that an average person in the UK will spend approximately 2
years** (or 16,848 hours) during their lifetime stressing about their spending and
borrowing habits, which is equivalent to 730 sleepless nights.