Where is Jazz? HTML version

This is a story about a little boy and his desperate attempt to find the family’s beloved pet. He cannot understand what
happened to his gato. When he visits his grandparents’ house, as usual, he looks for his cat. He checks the T.V. room,
outside in the garden and in the kitchen but cannot find him. Jazz has crossed the Rainbow Bridge but this is hard for such a
young child to understand. Then the inevitable happens. The little boy asks his grandpa “Where is Jazz”? And grandpa
answers simply “Jazz went bye bye.”
While vacationing with her husband in Puerto Rico in the summer of 2010, Maria Retana took a large number of photos of
Fort San Felipe del Morro. This old sea fort is also known as Morro Castle or Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Spanish.
Through these pictures, the author creates a maze and invites the little boy to search for his beloved pet. In a dream the
little boy finds himself at Fort San Felipe accompanied by his friend Mr. Owl. Together they enter the maze with only one
thought in mind; find Jazz and see him one more time.
The illustrator, Diane Fahrner, is primarily a sugar artist who uses various graphic programs to create designs to apply to
cakes using an airbrush. To create the illustrations for the story, Diane used a combination of several graphic programs to
cut and paste images from various family photos into the photos from Puerto Rico.
The author and illustrator hope that this story can help comfort a child who has lost a beloved pet. At the end of the story,
the poem “Rainbow Bridge” from an unknown author has been added in hope that it will also help with the process of
acceptance and allowing the pet to become a loving memory.