When God Seems Silent HTML version

out really bad for them? How many have had that experience? See, we've all had that
experience at some point; so what happens of course is that if you override or ignore
the directings of God in your life, there's a consequence of it; so neither does God want
us to be just a puppet, where He tells us everything; so there's this balance of human
responsibility, of thinking and working out how to interact, and work my life out; with God
working with me, to guide me and direct me. The two go hand in hand.
One of the most common experiences that people have is this: What do you do, when
God doesn't seem to be talking? What do you do, when God seems to be silent? Now
He's never silent, He's always speaking, and He's always available to speak; but there
are times in our life, when God seems to be silent. How many of you know a time like
that, known a situation; and it's very, very challenging! In Psalm 28, David knew this.
Let's have a look at it in Psalm 28, a time when God was silent. Of course, if He's silent
all the time, you've got a problem, you're disconnected. Psalm 28: To You, will I cry O
Lord, my Rock; Do not be silent to me, lest if You are silent to me, I become like those
who go down into the pit. So David is saying, or the Psalm is saying, he's sayi ng: I need
You to talk to me God, I need You to speak to me. I put my life in Your hands, I'm facing
pressures and difficulties, I need You to talk. So he's saying: if you go silent on me, and
give me the silent treatment, I'll end up in the pit of hell, pit of depression, pit of despair.
So let's just talk a little bit about what happens, when it seems like God is silent. Most of
us would have had an experience where you really need God to give something to
direct you, but nothing happened. You sought the Lord, you prayed, read your Bible;
and nothing seemed to happen. It can be very troubling. You ask God to help you, He
doesn't seem to help you; ask God to guide you, He doesn't seem to be guiding you,
you don't seem to hear anything, and it seems quite disturbing. It seems like at times
heaven seems to be silent, about the things that are really important. How many know
that kind of situation? I hate that kind of situation. I have learned some things about it,
so when God seems to be silent, there's always a reason behind it. There's always
something we need to learn from it, when God seems to be silent; but you can go
through many different experiences, and unfortunately many Christians don't respond
the right way. Some get very angry and resentful, that God is not talking to them; some
get offended that God's not talking; some just feel depressed, or feel what's the use,
and actually feel like: well, I'll just get on with my life, and they kind of park it.
But it's of concern to us, if we're talking to God , and there's no response. Something is
not right. We need to figure out what to do in situations like that, and at times God
seems to withhold from us, the very thing we need to make a decision, or the very thing
we need to get us out of a fix. When that happens, it can be quite distressing, unless
you know what to do. One of the things to understand, is that when God is silent, there
is always a reason for it; and sometimes that silence, can just be to let what's in your
heart, rise to the surface. There's a king called Hezekiah, and it says: God withdrew
from him for a while, to see what was in his heart; to test him, let what was in his heart,
come to the surface. That's found in 2 Chronicles 32:31; so King Hezekiah was a godly
man. He walked with the Lord, God blessed him and guided him; but there was a period
of his time, when it felt like God had withdrawn from him. Now did God leave him? No.