When God Seems Silent HTML version

6. Process What You have Received
Test it Respond to It
· Agree with the Word of God? What must I do?
· Edify, Comfort or Exhort?
· Open to the Counsel of Others?
· Exalt Jesus or Self?
· Fruit of Peace?
John 10:27, Jesus said: My sheep hear My
voice, I know them, and they follow Me. So
one of the things is, it's possible for any
person to hear the voice of God. Whether
you're saved or unsaved, God has got no
trouble speaking to you. He can get
through to you. He's got a way of doing it,
and even if you're unsaved, people don't
always recognise it's God, but many times
they understand, actually that's God trying
to get a hold of my attention.
But for a believer, this is what Jesus said: if
you're My sheep; two things - one, we hear
His voice; two, we respond, we actually do
what Jesus said, we follow Him, or we
make choices to act on what God said. Last
week we shared with you some very simple
keys on how you hear the voice of God. We
talked about the flow of the spirit within you,
how Jesus said that the spirit of God would
flow like a river from within. We shared that
the voice of your head is different to the
voice of your heart. The voice of your head is logical, rational, one idea after another in
an order. The voice of your heart is spontaneous, with pictures, and it flows. We saw
that the spirit of God when He speaks to us, speaks to our heart, brings witness in our
heart; and this is not something you just take for granted. It's something you cultivate. It
becomes a way of life, of learning to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit; and you'll
save yourself a lot of hardship if you listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. How
many felt unease or something was disturbing them and they ignored it, then it turned