When God Seems Silent HTML version

· He lives within our hearts and desires to reveal Himself within us.
· The more we become aware of His presence the easier to hear His voice.
· He is not some nebulous force but a person with thoughts, feelings, personality.
· Jn.7:37-39 “Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”.
· God's spirit within us “flows” like a river = is spontaneous, moving.
· Western lifestyle focus on the mind and reason – Bible focus is on being Spirit conscious.
· The movement of the Holy Spirit is flowing, spontaneous words, thoughts, pictures,
impressions and feelings.
· God's voice is like a still small voice within us (1 Kg.19:12).
4. Common Hindrances to Hearing God Speak
· Listening to God =- listening in to spontaneous words, thoughts, pictures, impressions, feelings
within. These are easily blocked or hindered.
· Common Hindrances:
i) Hidden sins iv) Having “mind-sets” or idols in the heart
ii) Disappointment with God v) Over dependence on mind and reasoning
iii) Unresolved grief and offence vi) Demonic oppression
· Inner impressions that we receive can come from three different sources
(i) Self – selfish (ii) Evil Spirits – evil, demanding (iii) Holy Spirit – good!
5. Keys to Hearing the Holy Spirit speak (Hab.2:2)
(i) Free Up Your Spirit
· If your spirit is weighed down there is little or no flow.
· Speak in tongues – activate your spirit (1 Cor. 14:14,4)
· Soft music can help.
(ii) Focus Your Thoughts
· Fix your thoughts upon Jesus – use a picture from Scripture.
· Remove external distractions.
· Press through internal distractions by focussing/fixing your thoughts.
· In order to see you need to look – fix your mind on Jesus the Source.
(iii) Faith – Expect to Receive
· Expect to receive spontaneous thoughts, words, impressions, pictures, feelings as you still your
heart and look.
· It is easy to think that God won't speak to me.
· Faith is based on what God says “My sheep hear my voice!”
· Voice =NT5456= Phone = sound, frequency, tone, voice, words.
(iv) Feel – Identify the Impressions You Receive
· Identify the flow of thoughts, ideas, words, pictures, impressions.
· Value them as being a flow of the River of God.
· Write them down (journal) expecting more to come.