When God Seems Silent HTML version

So anyway we were able to go get the car, and have it restored, and got it back home
again; so number one, now I had a look at the petrol tank, and blow me down it had
been empty when it had been stolen, and he couldn't drive it. Now it was full of gas - so
I'm one up already. Anyway, so the next day, you know, the police go through their
thing; so next day I'm out there cleaning the car, and trying to tidy it up, thinking: I
wonder how the kids allowed this to be pushed down the drive, and someone steal it
like this. I heard this sort of shuffling around behind me, I looked around and there's a
young guy there, and I said: hello, how are you? What can I do for you? He said: I'm the
young man who stole your car. I said: really? Wow, I'm glad to meet you. I hear they
caught up with you. He said: yes, they did, but when I found it was a Pastor I felt - I've
been tormented all night. He said: I haven't been able to sleep all night. I've felt so bad
all night, I just haven't been able to sleep; so he said: I've never done it. I've stolen a lo t
of things in my life, and I've never done this before. He said: I wanted to apologise for
taking your car.
I said: apology accepted. I said: I believe, we're a Pastor, we pray, and we've been
praying for you. We prayed that God would touch your life; and I began to ask him some
questions, and his story. We took him in, and he had a meal with us. This is the guy that
stole the car - so we had a meal, introduced him to all the family, and that was I think
Saturday. The next day, he was in church on Sunday, and we led him to the Lord, and
his life was blessed, so it was actually able to turn it around completely. Now not all
stories end like that. I've had other thefts that didn't turn out that way, but on the other
hand, God is able to turn everything around for our good. Do you reckon that? The other
big thing is, to keep your attitude sweet.
Alright then, I want you to open you Bible with me in John, Chapter 10. I want to share
with you tonight, what I shared this morning, on hearing the voice of God; because of all
the things, it's the most important for you to be able to do in your life, is to know when
God is talking to you. God talks to us, it's got to be important. In fact, I can think of times
God spoke to me, and my whole life changed. Just one example, I can remember like it
was yesterday, standing doing my lawns and I was in Dannevirke. There I was with the
lawnmower, chundering through all the lawns, a huge amount of lawns we had to do
then, and in the middle of this [dok-dok-dok] with the mower, I heard God speak to me.
He began to speak to me, and talk to me, about what He wanted for my life. I wasn't
praying, or doing anything much, just praying in tongues a little bit. It was a sunny, hot
day, and I'm doing the lawns, not really thinking of anything very spiritual. Suddenly in
the middle of it, God's voice came; and He began to speak to me about what He had for
me, about Him calling me to be a Pastor, calling me to lead His people, calling me to a
place of leadership. I had no desire for such a thing at all. I said: I don't think so, I've
actually got other things I'm really busy doing, I don't really want to be the leader of a
church at all; and I'm really quite full, doing what I'm doing already.
He said: no, this is what I've called you to do. I'm going to make it happen. I said: well
You'll have to make it happen, because I'm not putting myself forward; and I watched. It
was about three months, from when He spoke to me doing the lawns, and I was
ordained and sent in as Pastor of the church, and I didn't do a thing. It just all seemed to