When God Seems Silent HTML version

6. Process What You have Received
Test it Respond to It
· Agree with the Word of God? What must I do?
· Edify, Comfort or Exhort?
· Open to the Counsel of Others?
· Exalt Jesus or Self?
· Fruit of Peace?
It was some years ago, we had a bit of an old car, a station
wagon. You know, in those days you just jammed all the kids
in the station wagon; and we were going through a time or a
season in the church when we were facing tremendous
spiritual pressure. A lot of bad stuff happened, and I had this
case with - my file with the police was very, very big. Anyway
we were home one night, and I looked outside, and my car's
gone, and apparently the kids had seen it drive down the drive
and go, but they didn't think it was anyone else, but so meone
had stolen our car. They'd got into it, and started the thing up,
and drove the station wagon off; and I remember thinking:
we've got no way of replacing this thing. This is a disaster for
us, and I remember just thinking: Lord, what do I do about this.
So I rung up the police, and I reported: hey, my car's been
stolen. I gave them the number plate; there's this Ford Falcon
station wagon, and it's our family wagon, and here's the
number. They said: oh, you'll never get that back.
You know something rose up inside me, and I said: we'll see; and I got off the phone,
and I felt the Lord impress in my heart that scripture when David had been ripped off,
and the Lord spoke to him and said: pursue, overtake, recover all. So Joy and I just
stood in prayer, and we agreed. We agreed on certain things, so we said: Lord, we just
speak right now, we forbid the stealing of our car. We command that car to be returned.
Father, we pray the police will discover the man, we pray the conviction of the Holy
Spirit will come on him, and that we will end up better at the end, than we have at the
beginning. So we stood in prayer, and then went to bed. It was about 11 o'clock at night
I suppose. We woke up at one, and there's a phone call, and I thought: oh, who's
ringing me at one? This is a bad time to ring. It was the police, they said: we found your
car. I said: really? This is the car that wasn't going to be found, that was gone, going to
be broken up for parts? They said: yep, we've found it.