When God Seems Silent HTML version

Let's open our Bible in Mark 2:14. I want to speak a
message called Follow Jesus. It says: He came by
and He saw Levi, the son of Alphaeus, sitting at the
tax office; and He said to him: Follow Me; so he
arose and followed Him. Now as it happened, as He
was dining at Levi's house, many tax collectors and
sinners also sat together with Jesus and the
disciples; for there were many, and they followed
Him. Notice the word 'follow' again. Then the
Scribes and the Pharisees saw Him eating with the
tax collectors and sinners. They said to the
disciples: how is it He eats and drinks with all of these terrible sinners? Jesus said to
them: those who are well, have no need of a physician; but those who are sick. I did n't
come to call the righteous, I came to call sinners to repentance.
Let's go back to that first verse again: and Jesus said follow me; and he arose and
followed Him. You know Levi was an unusual person. Levi was a tax collector. In those
days, Israel lived under Roman oppression, and the Romans transacted with some of
the locals to become tax collectors. In other words, they just used them. They used
them as a go-between, and they required that they extract taxes. Now you can imagine
the attitude there was, to someone who's a tax collector for the hated Romans, and
most of them were corrupt people anyway. They put an edge, or a margin, on what they
charged for tax; so everyone thinks they're paying too much tax, so they were
absolutely scorned, derided and despised. He was a tax collector. He lived in a
community where everyone hated him. His only comfort was the money he got, and the
wealth he had, from living as a tax collector. But at a personal level, he was without
friends; he was without a sense of belonging, or without sense of community. He's one
of the most unlikely people in that town that Jesus would call to be His follower, and His
It's the same today. God chooses the most unlikely people; so the call comes out: follow
Me. Here's the i nteresting thing about this; Jesus said: you didn't choose Me, I chose
you. Now there's a lot of things in life you don't choose. You don't choose the city you're
born in, you don't choose the nation you're born in, you don't choose your family.
There's a lot of things in life you don't choose, and you can't have any say in it, you just
have it. There's one thing you also can't choose, and that's the call of God on your life.
It's God's decision to call you. Jesus - you didn't choose Him. He chose you. The Bible
says: He chose you, before the foundation of the world. Think about this. God chose
you. He selected you, chose you for something. The problem is, we don't mind being
chosen, we just neglect the next bit. He chose us to do something. He didn't choose you
for a ministry. He didn't choose you to be a great leader. He didn't choose you to Pastor