When God Seems Silent HTML version

Open your Bible with me in gospel of
Mark 1. The last message I
preached was a message called
Follow Jesus, so we're going to pick
that up. I feel challenged on that
one, on Following Jesus. People are
following many things today, and I
want to challenge you to follow
Jesus. This is something we do
corporately, but it's also something
that is very individual, and so I want
you to think.
You can be following all kinds of
things. We saw last week a number
of the things we could be following. Let's just start with a key verse to trigger off with.
Then I want to share with you a message which I've called the Princess Syndrome, and
you'll see what it's about, and how it connects to following Jesus in a moment. I didn't
even know there was such a thing. In fact, it wasn't until after I'd thought about it, and
got some ideas together, and felt the Holy Spirit quicken some things, I thought: I
wonder if that is something? I should look it up - and then it turns out that it's well known
in psychologist circles: the Princess Syndrome. I'm not going to be talking about that.
I'm going to be talking about discipleship, following Jesus, and about one of the issues
that stops us, so let's have a look.
Mark 1:17-18, Jesus said to them: follow Me. Here it is. He hasn't changed, He still calls
us to follow Him, not follow an experience, to follow Him. It's a person, not follow a
doctrine - follow a person. Not follow celebrities - follow Jesus. We're called to follow
Him, and I feel the Holy Ghost pressing on me, the church needs to return to the very
foundations of what our faith is about. It is about following Jesus; and it says it was the
disciples, the followers of Christ, that were called Christians. Today we call lots of
people Christians, and it doesn't say anything, it doesn't really mean anything much at
all. You can call yourself what you like. What counts is that you follow Christ, and that is
not just a decision you make, it's a lifestyle. Jesus said: Follow Me, I will make you to
become fishers of men. If you follow Jesus, your life will become something it isn't now.
He will make you something you're not. He will change you, to become something He
wants you to become, and that is someone vitally interested in the salvation, and
welfare, of people. That's what He'll make you.
People who get caught into experiences, and forget the lost, forget the needs of people,
have gone astray from the faith. We're called to follow Jesus, and He will make us a