When God Seems Silent HTML version

change in your life, your marriage, your family, your finances; whatever it is, you just
need to make a decision, you're going to start to move there. Maybe it's the area of just
engagement in mission, or engagement in serving in some kind of way. What is your
serving like? Do people find you as a generous server, or do they find you as someo ne
who's always withdrawn, and holding back waiting for someone to serve them? Are you
engaging intensely in anyone's life, reaching out to people to enter their world, find out
where they are, and let them see: you don't have all the answers, but there is a God
who loves them, that could help them; and point them to Him.
When we follow a Pastor or leader, we point people to them, and their preaching, or
their ministry or whatever. When we follow a church, we point to the church, this is the
area where you get your help. When we follow Jesus we point people to Him. How
many are feeling God's spirit speaking to you, and challenging you today, about
following Jesus? I'd like you just to raise your hand, if there's some area that God spoke
to you, just raise your hand. God bless, God bless, God bless, many hands, many
Father, we just thank You today, that Your hand is on our life to change us. I pray that
change will become practical, tangible, and real; as we exit this year, and even into next
year, Lord there'll be an arising of people to follow You, in a whole new dimension. Lord,
we give you all the honour, because You model for us, what it means. You came from
heaven, You came into this earth, You love people, You walk with people, You engage
with people, You serve people. You've brought a revelation of the kingdom of heaven.
Now Lord, we commit our lives to do the same, in Jesus' Mighty name.
1. Introduction
· Mk.2:14 “And as He passed by He saw Levi the son of Alphyaeu7s sitting at the receipt of
custom and said to him :”Follow Me” … and he arose and followed him”
· Levi was a tax collector employed and used by the Roman oppressors.
· Tax collectors were despised, scorned and hated by Jews, considered traitors.
· Jesus chose Levi : summoned him to follow Him.
· John 15:16 “You did not choose me, I chose you” – He invited himself into our life
· Each of us is chosen by God – His call is to “Follow Jesus”.
· Our call is to attach to a person Jesus and to “Follow Him!” – a personal call.
2. Everyone is following something!
· Everyone follows someone or something – only question is who/what will we follow?
(1) Celebrities – pop, movie, business – Fame is a mask that eats away face
(2) Fashion/values of the world (1 Cor. 7:3 fashion of this world)
(3) Popular leaders in the Christian World (1 Cor.3:3-5 Paul? Apollos?)
(4) Demonic Spirits (Eph.2:1-2)