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When God Seems Silent
Mike Connell
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When God Seems Silent (6 sermons)
Follow Jesus (1 of 6) How many people can remember the last time Jesus spoke clearly to do
something? Here's the real question. Have you done it? When nothing comes, go back to what the last
thing Jesus said was. Followin g Christ introduces you to a whole new set of challenges in your life.
Following Christ is a courageous thing to do because you will face things you'd never have had to face.
You'll face some opposition, difficulties, challenges, setbacks. You've got more questions than ans wers,
but they're different questions.
The Princ ess Syndrome (2 of 6) Church isn't perfect, it has many problems, probably so many problems
we could spend a day or two just describing them all, but nevert heless His church is His churc h. It's His
bride, it's the one He came for and He will make His churc h perfect. We can't follow Jesus and not be
engaged with His people, and the cause He has in changing a community. Life is not all about you, and
the sooner you realise it, the happier you will become.
Hearing the Voice of God (3 of 6) People are the measuring stick of how you're doing with God. It's very
easy to be drawn into all range of spiritual experiences and these are wonderful, but if it doesn't convert to
being connected to people and working wit h people and helping people, there is something majorly
lacking. If you engage with Jesus, with Him and His work, you will discover the true identity and call of
God on your life. If you focus on using God just to get your needs and whatever met, He said you'll end
up inward-looking and non productive. You'll actually lose your life. Learn how to hear His voice, and then
choose to consistently say yes, and respond by doing something
Hearing the Voice of God (4 of 6) Adam heard God speaking to him when he was in the Garden, even
though he'd sinned and walked away from God. People can hear the voice of God. We need to learn what
it's like and how to recognise it. Once you become a believer Jesus expects not only would you hear His
voice clearly, but you would actually respond and follow Him. So for a believer the number one thing that I
would say if you have to learn anything in your life, this is the thing you'd want to learn; how can I build a
relationship with Jes us and hear His voice consistently?
When God Seems Silent (5 of 6) Most of us would have had an experience where you really need God
to give something to direct you but nothing happened. You sought the Lord, you prayed, read your Bible
and nothing seemed to happen. It can be very troubling. You ask God to help you, He doesn't seem to
help you; ask God to guide you, He doesn't seem to be guiding you, you don't seem to hea r anything and
it seems quite disturbing. It seems like at times heaven seems to be silent about the things that are really
E vidence of Your Discipleship (6 of 6) By this shall all men know you're My disciples: your love for one
another. If you won't let me wash your feet, you won't have a part with Me. I am a foot washer. Those who
follow Me are foot washers. Sometimes Jesus doesn't do the foot washing directly, He does it through a
member of the body, so we need relationships, connections.