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What the World has to say about
Kevin Abdulrahman‘s book
"Only a fe w people rea lly understand that success starts with your inner world. Kevin focuses on your
inner world, more specifically your mind. An insightful and empowe ring book to help unlock your true
potential and live the life of a winner."
Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father Author of "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books and best known
ma rket ing brand in history. Na med one of the 100 best business books ever written. Over 20 million sold;
now in 62 languages.
Gue rrilla Ma rket ing Business University
"Kevin has a knack for presently simp le, d irect and time less truths about success. 'What Ever You're Into'
is one-year game p lan for staying focused, inspired and moving toward your drea ms."
Randy Gage, Author Prosperity Mind,
―Kevin‘s book, What Ever Your Into, touches 52 points that touch on the forces behind success. After you
read this empowering book, you shall see that you do have the power to achieve.‖
Thomas J. Senatore, Ta x Lien and Ta x Deed Expert, CEO - TLD International.
This book has simp le yet powerfu l life changing messages. It helps me ta ke myself to the ne xt level –
towards the best – with a roadmap.
Zoher Ca mp wala – MBA - Lea rning and Develop ment Specia list, Emirates Airlin es Aviation College