What's New in Cubase VST 5.0? HTML version

• Comprehensive Marker Track system.
You can define locations and zones in a Song by creating and naming Marker Parts. The cre-
ated Marker Parts will automatically be listed on a pop-up menu, available in all Cubase VST
windows, for quick navigation and selection. Read more in the chapter “The Marker Track”
on page 185 in the printed Getting Started book.
• New Track column attribute entries.
The number of available Track columns has been largely expanded, allowing you to display
any of the controls normally shown in the Inspector (for all Tracks instead of just for one
Track at the time). You can also have the Track columns mirror VST mixer settings such as vol-
ume and pan. Track Columns can be hidden and reordered, and any Track Column configu-
ration can be saved as a Track View for instant recall. See page 197 in the Getting Started
book and the section ”Track Views” in the Getting into the Details document.
• MIDI Track mixer.
The MIDI Track mixer allows you to adjust volume, pan, GS/XG effects and other parameters
for MIDI Tracks, in an environment similar to the VST mixers. The mixer configures itself ac-
cording to the MIDI Tracks in the current arrangement and can be fully automated. You can
also create custom mixer panels. This is all described in the chapter “The MIDI Track Mixer”.
• Controller editor.
The separate Controller editor offers graphic editing of MIDI controllers, VST automation
data (complete with waveform overview) and all MIDI-Mixer objects.
See the chapter “The Controller Editor”.
• New interaction between Parts and Editors.
Editors can remain open and new Parts can be added to the currently opened editor. Parts can
be moved while editors are open. See “Opening an Editor”.
• Additional real-time non-destructive play parameters.
The Inspector for MIDI Tracks now has an extended area with the following new parameters:
• Randomize length/position/velocity/pitch
• MIDI velocity limit
• MIDI velocity filter
• MIDI velocity optimize
• MIDI note limit
• MIDI note filter
• Multiple ghost-outputs for MIDI Tracks.
Any MIDI Track can have additional ghost-outputs. Each additional output has its own MIDI
channel and output selection and a full set of Inspector parameters, including the new MIDI
note limit parameter, allowing for complex split output devices.
See “Using the Multi Out feature”.
• The Score editor hugely expanded (Cubase VST Score and Cubase VST/32 only).
The score editing, layout and printing options have been given a major update, adding over
300 new score features!
These are covered in the separate document “Score Printing and Layout”.
• Thousands of MIDI mixer objects.
The number of MIDI mixer objects has been increased from the original 128, and there are
also new object types. See “The MIDI Mixer and Mix Tracks”.
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