What's New in Cubase VST 5.0? HTML version

• Folder Tracks.
A Folder Track is a folder in the Arrange window, in which you can put Tracks or other folders.
By moving Tracks into different folders, you can structure and organize your Arrangement,
mute and edit several Tracks at a time, etc. Furthermore, you can gain working space on
screen by “closing” Folder Tracks (you will still get a graphical overview of the Parts in the
folders). Read more in the chapter “Folder Tracks”.
• Drag and drop Parts and Events between Cubase VST windows and the desktop.
Any number of selected parts can be dragged from the Arrangement to the desktop, thereby
creating objects that can be dragged back into any Arrange Window. This way you can build
a library of the things you use often. See page 347 in the printed Getting Started book.
• Drag and drop between Cubase windows.
Parts can be dragged directly into open editors where the content of the part is placed at the
dropped position. Selected notes from editors can be dragged to the arrange window where
a part will be made.
• Selection Range Tool.
This tool allows you to make selections in the Arrangement, regardless of Part boundaries.
Selected ranges can be moved, cut, copied etc, or processed with various functions. See
page 171 in the Getting Started book.
• New arrange tool handling.
If you want, tools can now work directly on the Track list to change all parts on a Track. For an
example, see “Joining all Parts on a Track into one”.
• New Part and Event handling.
You can now nudge selected Parts or Events (moving them by the currently set snap value).
This can be done by using key commands or by using the Nudge tool in the editors. See
“Moving Notes with the Nudge tool” and “Moving an Audio Event by Nudging”.
• Extended Arrange window Tool box.
The Tool box in the Arrange window has been extended with new tools like direct velocity
and transpose controls (see page 207 in the printed Getting Started book), a stretch tool, a
groove tool and a logical preset tool.
• New Key Edit tool handling.
The Line tool can now be used on notes to trim the start or end positions of several notes at
the same time. See “Resizing multiple notes with the Line tool”.
• Display resolution up to 15360 ticks per beat.
Cubase VST 5.0 offers super high editing resolution for precise positioning of audio events
and equally high timing performance with Virtual Instruments or Linear Timebase™ MIDI in-
terfaces. See page 48 in the printed Getting Started book.
• Improved Groove Quantize handling.
Grooves can now be more than one bar long, and it is very easy to edit existing Grooves or
create your own. By using the Groove Control window, you can specify to what extent the
timing, the velocity profile and duration pattern should be applied. And most importantly,
the results of the Groove Quantization can be monitored in real-time! This is described in the
chapter “More about Quantizing and Grooves”.
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