What is Inclusion in Sport and Physical Activity for People with Disability HTML version

What Is
In this book we are going to explore the concept of ‘inclusion’
related to the provision of opportunities in sport and physical
activity for people with disability.
Over the years the term ‘inclusion’ has been used across
governments world wide to describe practices that ‘include’, or at
least attempt to include, all people regardless of ability, race,
culture, age, gender and a variety of other characteristics that are
often regarded as being ‘disadvantaged’ when it comes to gaining
access to regular services, including sport.
Taken in isolation the term itself is simple enough to understand.
Wikipedia, the font of all knowledge in 2012, describes it from a
disability rights perspective:
Inclusion is a term used by people with disabilities and other
disability rights advocates for the idea that all people should
freely, openly and without pity accommodate any person with a
disability without restrictions or limitations of any kind.