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What You Don't Know HTML version

Maybe it's because she's so innocent. She's so sweet and perfect and he can't bring himself
to sully that. It's one of the things that makes her the way she is. It's one of the things he
likes about her. But on the other hand she's so innocent. Isn't it his job as the dashing,
roguish vagabond to steal that innocence away, to fully embrace that part of her, to wrap
himself up in it and breathe it in as she gasps and whispers his name in a way she's never
whispered anything before?
It could be because she's a princess and if her father found out then his life would be forfeit.
But wouldn't it be worth it? And didn't it seem like the king kind of liked him? And would it
really have stopped him from trying a month ago? No. That would have been the part that
made it dangerous and exciting. He'd had multiple experiences where he met a girl's father
as the man barged into the room, shouting and cursing. The girl would yell, "Daddy, no!"
and Flynn would grab one boot, pull up his pants, and escape out the nearest window. Good
Good times that he does not want to repeat with Rapunzel.
It could be because he actually cares about this girl and he wants to do right by her and he
wants to protect her from everyone out there who would do such unspeakable things to her,
even if he's included in that group. But that's just stupid. That would imply that he's falling
for her and that kind of thing just doesn't happen to Flynn Rider.
He catches himself staring at her during dinner with an absent smile on his face. She's
enthusiastically telling her father of her latest discovery that feral cats have claws and are
easily startled. She grins and shoves back her sleeve to show off three thin lines that run
the length of her forearm. The king laughs and Eugene realizes that he's been staring. He
averts his eyes and takes a sip of whatever it is that's being served tonight. When he looks
up again he sees the queen watching him. The corner of her mouth quirks and there's far
too much understanding in her eyes for Eugene's liking.
The next day Rapunzel's wearing nothing but her corset and her petticoats as she explains
to him that she and Pascal can't figure out how the clasps on her dress work. Scowling
down at the green, velvet monstrosity that's laid out across her bed, she crosses her arms
just below her chest, forcing her breasts to bunch and swell upwards. She pops out a hip
and Eugene's fingers twitch at the thought of how that hip would feel if he grasped it.
He clears his throat and easily demonstrates how to latch the hooks and eyes that run down
the dress' back. Of course he knows how they work. Buttons, clasps, zippers, ties, you
name it and he has at one point figured out how to work it. Most likely he did it while drunk
and in the dark.
Rapunzel tries it once and then excitedly practices on three more, her thin fingers running