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What You Don't Know


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Published: 6 years ago

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Fictional story about Rapunzel after her rescue. *** NOTE: Parental guidance is suggested ***


this book was really entertaining...

debarati mukherjee

It was a nice reading..thumbs up..

Judith Campbell Jones

A very good book. I love that it's from Eugene's perspective. I read it again and again.


It was a nice reading :)


this book was a great read... very romantic...

Charlene Nicholson

I loved this book. Had me laughing so much. It's like Tangled for adults, ha! amazing story, well written and spot on with every detail. Recommended to all my friends :)

Leah Blescila Labastilla

It's not really an erotic book. It is more of a romance. I like the idea that it's like a sequel to the Disney's Princess tale. It really brings the young child to the adult.

Vernelle Joy D.Limbagan

I read some of the books in erotic category and i would say the author of this book out throws the others. he or she (I dont even know the gender) is on another level, higher, of writing. Creative and very descriptive! i enjoyed reading your book!


i enjoyed reading it and humour was spot on. i could actually picture the story while i was reading as i have already watched the movie. a good read,trully


Stunning book! I enjoyed every page!


This is a Romance not Erotica. It is a nice romance if that is what you are looking for :)


Wow what a great read! Really enjoyed this book! The story kept me coming back for more... I would certainly recommend this book!!

raj chary

A fun read. Enjoyed every page :)


re read repunzel befor reading this book it helps bring the story more life.

n van der hoven

Attempt to combine erotica with romance, but not very sucessful


This books really isnt erotic more like a wonderful love story, I loved it!

June Summers

Sweet and sexy, just what I like! I didn't have trouble imagining the characters from the movie while I was reading. Although I'll admit I skimmed some parts out of curiosity how it would end, but it's definitely a story I wouldn't mind reading again and again.


Surprisingly engaging story. Wasn't really expecting much beyond a light 'romp', instead found a captivating and well-written story. Begs for a prequel. Kept alluding to past events one felt one should know about and almost remembered; not sure if it was just extending from the original fairy-tale (which has been too long since read) or the more recent movie (which have never seen). All in all, well worth the read -- but not your daughter's fairy tale or your mother's romance novel!


a funny book indeed! if u like the anime tangled, u will eventually love this book

Christine Barefoot

It was great! The story keeps you engaged and it was very funny and HOT! Loved it.


Incredible read! I finished in a very short time, I couldn't get enough! The author kept me hanging in there with the sexual tension between the characters and a very realistic storyline.


What's not too like. A good chuckleworthy read both humorous and erotic. It's just crying out for a prequel. Well done Airplane and more your word processor :)

Liesl Engels

i just could not put this book down. one of my best reads in a long long time.

mary-magdalene udoh

Lol.surprising and always wonders what happens after "the end"

nancy gomez

I can't believe these comments....really? This is poorly written. Just a silly "erotica." Not exciting, and not interesting. I skimmed through it, because I couldn't read past the first chapter. I'm sorry but this is just not good at all.


Fantastic work! Very captivating and extremely unique. Kudos.

Michaela Roberts

I love the way this story follows so effortlessly from the movie. It's laugh-out-loud funny and erotic too. Definitely not for children!


amazing and beatyful. totally brilliant writing and sketching of charecter. i could feel and breath with the charectors.great job-DONE!!!.


Well done! This should be made into a movie: definitely not for kids!


Amazing. I loved the naughtiness of it all. What a twist, you really do feel like it is the original characters but more real.


I'm 18 and this book was totally not what i was expecting. This book has me laughing so hard i had tears. There are just so many surprises; I just could could not stop reading. Finished the book i one day.. This book is definitely not for kids so many errotic scenes. Thumbs up to the arthur. :D

Harry Nielsen

Like Mozzy I am old codger. I think this is one of the best books I have read in years. It was funny, erotic, and full of surprises. The characters are excellently drawn so that you can easily visualize them in your mind's eye. This should be made into a movie, it would be Oscar material in my estimation. Great enjoyable read.


I'm an old codger but found this book a great read and makes me think there might be a prequel within the authors remit. The narrative flowed naturally and was both amusing and erotic in equal measure. I don't think this is for the young reader unless they're a lot more worldly wise than I was at that age. All in all a brilliant novel for what I assume is a first attempt. Well done!

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