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“What” Makes Money Grow on Trees 3
Our Consulting Services
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Step 1 – Getting Started
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1. Looking For an Area of Opportunity
2. Pursuing Your Own Business Venture
a. SWOT Analysis
b. Business Plan
c. Eight Key Points to Writing a Business Plan
d. Coming Up With a Business Name
3. Ensuring You Have The Bare Essentials
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a. Cell Phone
b. Laptop/Tablet and Mobile Broadband Internet
c. Business Cards
d. Virtual Assistants – Rent A Smile
e. What does Rent A Smile offer?
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Step 2 – Creating a Website
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1. Content Is The Most Important Aspect
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a. Key point
b. Mission statement
c. Members only
d. Weekly eZine Newsletter
e. Discussion thread
f. Weekly tips, tricks, and how-to guide
g. Content and Pictures
h. YouTube videos, games, jokes, or any other
form of excitement
i. Consulting/Coaching Program
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Step 3 – How to Make Money Online
a. Marketing is “Key” But “Free” is Better
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