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What Christmas Gotta Do with It? Any Time of the Year Gift Ideas..



Splended Last Minute Gift Ideas & Advice, You Can't Go Wrong!...



by Terry Clark



Table of Content


1. Gift Giving:  All Dried Up!

2. Gift Giving:  Antique-styled Books

3. Gift Giving:  Art Prints – The Ideal Gift for the Art Enthusiast

4. Attain some Comic Relief with Comic Book Classics

5. Gift Giving:  Breezy Nostalgia

6. Buying Gifts for Canine Friends

7. Buying Gifts for People You Barely Know

8. Gift Giving:  Candy Creations

9. Give a Dinner Party as a Gift

10. Gift Giving:  Christmas in July

11. Gift Giving:  Classical Compositions

12. Colorful Reminders

13. Gift Giving:  Cook's Delight

14. Gift Giving:  Crazy about Westerns

15. Gift Giving:  Expand your Horizons with Education

16. Gift Giving:  Fabergé-Styled Eggs

17. Gift Giving:  Fifties Date Night

18. Fleur de Lis Accessories Add that Special Edge

19. Gift Basket Ideas

20. Buy Wholesale and Lavish the Special People in your Life with all Kinds of  Stylish Trinkets

21. Gift Giving:  Historic Field Day

22. Gift Giving:  Old World Style Maps

23. Gift Giving: Vintage Watches

24. Give the Gift of a New Hobby - Collecting Stamps

25. Gift Giving:  Good Earth Fundamentals

26. Gift Giving:  Buy Jewelry Wholesale

27. Just a Little Domestic Responsibility

28. Gift Giving:  Mixing it Up

29. Gift Giving:  Money in the Bank

30. Gift Giving:  Moon River Revisited

31. Gift Giving:  Nested Treasures

32. Pet Portraiture — Gives You “Paws” for Thought

33. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

34. Gift Giving:  Pocket Size Mysteries

35. Gift Giving:  Postcards from the Past

36. Gift Giving:  Purchase a Puppy for your Child

37. Gift Giving:  Radio Replicas

38. Gift Buying:  Retro Relics

39. Gift Giving:  Rhinestone Treasures

40. Roses and Chocolates

41. Gift Buying:  Tales from the Deep

42. Gift Giving:  Tea Time

43. Gift Giving:  The Autographed Item

44. There's Nothing Quite Like a Good Cigar Box — Purse, That Is

45. Gift Giving:  Timeless Links

46. Gift Giving:  T-Shirt Mania

47. Gift Giving:  Victorian Bliss

48. Vintage Style Jewelry

49. Gift Giving:  Where Do We Go from Here?

50. Gift Giving:  You Light Up My Life







Gift Giving:  All Dried Up!


Many persons do not realize when they visit mass retailers nowadays there are very beautiful designs available in towels.  Some of these towels are so wonderfully adorned you can't believe the price on them.


Most women, when shopping at such a store, are in there to either:  a) Replace linens or bedding; b) Buy clothing items for the family; or c) Will go to the house wares section and peruse pictures and other decorative accessories.  No one ever thinks of going to the towel section, unless of course, they are in need of towels. Therefore, these beautiful towels go unnoticed.


Gifts are usually purchases which the receivers generally will not make for themselves. However, if supplied with the items certainly will not say no to them.  Towels are good purchases for young people starting out in an apartment. There are so many cool towels available with decorative embellishment, at reasonable price points, you can purchase several.  The decorative towels also go well in guest bathrooms. 


When purchasing towels as a gift, you need to match the decoration to the personality of the party receiving it.  A person who has a New England style going in their apartment will appreciate a plain white thick cotton number over something that's beaded or embroidered.  The towels with all the adornment are possibly best suited to persons who are a) Highly creative; and b) don’t really have one decorative theme going within their abode.  In other words, beaded and blinged towels are appropriate for the highly eclectic.  Also there are towels that are embroidered as well as all kinds of looks.


The truly fancy towels can be used as coverings on seats of chairs; although in order to effect this look you need to know what you are doing. The artsy, eclectic type person who receives it as a gift may try using it as a chair cover. 


You'll find towel at mass retailers who sell name brand items for less - and the fanciful towels can be purchased for around six dollars each.  You can buy one a week until you have a good bundle assembled that you can give away.



Gift Giving:  Antique-styled Books


Persons looking for something original and interesting to give the person who appreciates books would do well to look in the direction of antique-styled books.  This doesn't mean to infer the books are antiques; but rather they give the appearance of antiquity.  There are many books bound in this manner providing some of the best of the old classics.  Needless to say, the classics are always a welcome addition to anyone's library.  Even if the person who enjoys books hasn't formulated a library per se, antique-styled books of some of the best stories of all time will be appreciated.


Many of the Sunday newspaper classifieds offer places that sell classic antique styled books.  Generally the books have gold-look edging and wonderful bindings.  The name of the classic is found on the spine of the book.  Normally, however, you are required to purchase a book per month, so you'll need to do this for a while until you have several to give the receiver.


What is nice about antiqued-styled books, is you can appreciate a classic story without worrying about the ravages of age.  It is still the same story told one-hundred times before, except in an appropriate traditional style binding.  If you were to purchase an antiquated version, this may involve a certain restorative effort in order that the person could enjoy it.


The antique-style books are new pages, new bindings and classic stories. They may serve as just the inspiration the gift recipient requires in order to start his or her own library.  And if he or she already has a nice library the beautiful books will be appreciated all the more as they can be incorporated with other book treasures.


If you are looking for this style of book the best place to locate them is through book-of-the- month club arrangements. You won't find such book offers all the time. However, keep your eyes open and you're sure to run across the offer.  Once you find them you can secretly horde them each month until you have enough to wrap up nicely and offer in the way of a prized gift: books the recipient can appreciate for a lifetime.


Most persons do not think of taking the book-of-the-month club classics on as gifts for someone else, therefore, in so doing, you will be employing a truly original approach to gift-giving.



Gift Giving:  Art Prints – The Ideal Gift for the Art Enthusiast


Do you have someone in your circle who appreciates the finer things in life?  Does the person have occasion to visit galleries and pause whenever you pass an art exhibit at the main library or cultural center?  A good gift suggestion is possibly an art print.  However, in this area it is best to tread with caution because when giving a gift such as a print you want to make certain it is a print the person likes and something the individual can display in his or her house.


First, it is important to determine what artists the person likes.  Do they prefer the old masters or are they more tuned into pop culture artists such as Andy Warhol?  Do they have any interests in up and coming artists?  Also, another area you need to address is what style of art they prefer.  Generally, if they've been able to afford to decorate their dwelling the way they like, you'll see their art preference expressed in their interior aspect.  If they like contemporary, then you'll see a great deal of geometric, round and square shaped art forms.  Obviously, if they prefer the old-masters they may employ the old-style European decorations into their environment or items with a provincial style.


However the best way to learn the person's art preferences is to take them to gallery events.  Come right out and ask them what artists they like.  But do not purchase their art print in their presence. This will take away the element of surprise.  Just keep track of their likes and dislikes and when the time is right and they are not expecting it present them with a print by an artist they appreciate.  Again, the design must be right for their home's decoration. 


If they like artists that don't match with the decorating aspect of their home, you may wish to put the idea of an art print on the back burner for awhile.  It may be their home is decorated in such a way that they yet can't afford to decorate it relative to their own liking; or they may be living in a roommate situation.  The ideal candidate, therefore, for an art print is a person who has their dwelling decorated according to their own preferences; and where you have a good idea of what type of art appeals to them. 



Attain some Comic Relief with Comic Book Classics


Remember when you were a kid going to the five and dime and purchasing your favorite comic book?  Well — maybe not the case for some.  However, regardless of your age, this can be a great gift giving idea especially for people who are into super action heroes and those who like animation.  Old favorites are still around, plus a good many vintage comic books fetch fairly high prices.


Needless to say, those who are more accustomed to animation and have never been introduced to the old-style comic book may enjoy the sentiment.  They'll additionally appreciate the sentiment if they find the comic book you purchased them fetches more than a month's worth of wages.  However, you needn't spend a fortune in order to give a comic book as a gift.  The uniqueness of the gift holds a great deal of value in the mind of the recipient.


You can go on-line to various sites and purchase all kinds of comic books. Try to match the comic style to the person you are giving the gift.  If the person likes super action heroes then purchase some Batman and Robin, and Superman vintage comic books.  Whatever you believe best fits the individual's personality is the type of comic book you'll wish to purchase.


You also might want to cut out pages from new edition styled books and create a framed representation of comic book pages.  This can be thrown into the comic book collection mix.  Make certain you purchase a fairly big frame in order to get the theme across to the recipient.  If you can manage a poster size so much the better.  Incorporate different pages of a newer book since you will not want to cut up a book that is a vintage classic.  Keep the pages in sequential order, reading left to right.  You needn't cut up the entire book and include all of it—just enough of it to tell part of the story.  Again, the point of the framed print is to illustrate the person's interest in animation and in comics.


Include with it a nice size bundle of comic books.  This is one of those gifts a person doesn't receive every day and, in effect, the gift has a way of growing on the receiver.  Your recipient who likes comic animation will appreciate the uniqueness of the traditional theme.



Gift Giving:  Breezy Nostalgia


One item persons often overlook, even those who enjoy or collect antiques, when gift giving is a good old-style standard fan.  These are the round fans on base.  Many of the old-style models fetch a substantial amount of money and it may be said some collectors have found themselves paying more than a month's worth of wages.


Certainly, most of us are familiar with the little round fans with obedient blades that blow air in order to keep otherwise stuffy quarters full of circulated heat.  However, in many of the person's homes where these little fans are placed—it isn't so much for practical application as it is for the fact such fans are collectible items. 


Many individuals are of the opinion every person who enjoys antiques and collectibles should own at least one of these little gems.  Sometimes you'll find the little round fan on base reasonably priced at thrift and charity shops—however, you'd best snatch it up quickly if you see one as it will soon be gone with the wind (so to speak). 


Even individuals who know about the fan as a collectible, rarely give it consideration as a way of introducing another individual to the collectible sport.  The fans are unique little items and are charming as are the old style phonographs.  Owning one reminds you of days  when air conditioning was not an available option, and you might sit it up on a bureau while you worked and it did its job of blowing about hot air where you worked.  Further, it prevailed in lifting papers off desktops and probably “masterminded” in someone's thoughts the idea of  the paperweight.  Yes.  Owning one of these little treasures will not go unappreciated by the person to whom you present it.


It is ideally situated in a den and if still workable can be switched on from time to time just to hear it hum and play a tune that is decades old:  it's one of those  soothing types of hums you never tire hearing.  If you haven't done so consider giving it as a gift to the person who, if not yet a collector of all kinds of practical relics, will appreciate the nostalgia and charm it brings into his or her home.


The best places, besides the charity shop, to locate one of these collectibles is on-line, and brick and mortar antique establishments.  Once you do, better hurry and wrap it up or you might find it sitting in your den or paper-strewn office instead of in the recipient's home.



Buying Gifts for Canine Friends


It is true:  Most of us cherish the relationships we have with our dogs.  Their sympathetic eyes are there when we are sad; and they are always available to stroll along with us when we need to get out of the house and stretch our legs — outside of the fact they require exercise.  The dog can be your best friend when your day has taken a downturn.  It is only fair then that from time-to-time we show our appreciation of their supportive characteristics. 


There are many nice gifts you may purchase for your dog.  Probably the best way to go when finding a gift for your four-legged best friend is to get something not only useful to the dog, but also practical for you.  One item is a collar.  The collar is practical in the sense it provides a place to attach identification tags for old lovable; an area to affix a leash if your dog needs to be walked on a lead; and it is a nice adornment for puppy.  Your dog doesn't know it, but you need a collar for it in order that it will stay safe.  If it is rambunctious then naturally the collar is necessary to attach the leash - and for proper identification.  There are many styles and types of collars nowadays which can be matched to your dog's personality and temperament.


Also you may wish to purchase puppy a summer home.  There are many nice-styled dog houses, and if your backyard can accommodate it, you can place the cottage next to a swinging door so puppy can walk right in; or place it out back so he or she has a place to hide out when you are inside and he's left alone. 


Chew toys are particularly good for puppy's teeth.  Dogs need just as much care in this area as humans.  Giving him or her items such as chew toys and ham bones (especially the ham bone) are especially useful and healthful.  If your dog does not have items to keep his teeth sharp and healthy, it may become irritable — and you won't know the reason.  Giving it bones and chew toys are not only good for your dog, but also good for you since you needn't worry that somewhere down the road he or she will become snappy or snarly due to irritability.  Conclusively, think of gifts that are practical and which provide your dog with the sense that you reasonably care.



Buying Gifts for People You Barely Know


Many people ask the question:  What type of gift is appropriate for someone I've just met, or the individual I barely know?  Certainly, there are several types of individuals that may fit the description of persons you barely know.  One person is tied to the traditional gift exchange.  If you draw a name and know very little about the person, it is best to use standardized good old common sense.  If you've been part of gift-exchanges in the past, think of items you appreciated receiving.  An example of a general item is incense or potpourri type fare.  This is something that can enhance someone's home and when the receiver applies the good scent to their home environment, he or she will appreciate the effect. 


Good scents bring about feelings of good will and many times when someone is selling their home they'll add scent to their house in order to lure the prospect into making an offer.  That said, if it works on potential purchasers of big ticket items such as real estate, it can prove just as effective when exchanging gifts.  Therefore, if you are exchanging gifts, think of items that provide a nice scent for the home, especially when providing a gift to female recipients. 


If the gift exchange is for a male, and you find out he enjoys home construction projects, it may be a safe bet to purchase a gift certificate to a major home improvement center.  If he likes video games, package up a gift card from a retailer who sells such items.  Gift cards and potpourri or incense are fairly safe gift items when you don't know the recipients all that well.


Another category of gift recipient under the classification of “Persons you Barely Know” is someone you just started to get to know, such as in dating scenarios.  The rule of thumb here is, regardless of the recipient, never purchase anything that is too expensive.  In so doing, you may cause the person to feel obligated or uncomfortable.  Just a nice little item with no personal strings attached is your best option.  For example, even though women like flowers, don't go up to the flower lady and purchase a rose on the first date.  This appears too desperate, clingy or needy.  You don't know the woman well enough to determine if she's the type who responds well to floral items, plus flowers are associative with a more personal relationship. 


Women should not buy a male they've just started to get to know personal items such as shirts and shoes.  If you believe he truly will appreciate such an item and he has just met you or has been out with you only a couple times, you are better off to leave well enough alone and look elsewhere.  The thing to do in a dating situation is not to pull out any substantial amount of cash out of your wallets or pocketbooks until you know the new person considerably better.  Gift giving should preserve relationships, not drive people away.



Gift Giving:  Candy Creations


Are you aware of someone in your circle who is crazy about chocolate or candy?  Certainly, such a person can always go out whenever they want and purchase a candy bar or licorice stick.  So how do you buy such a person sweet confections that are unique without spending a small fortune?  Rather than putting out a rather sizable outlay of cash and feeling resentful about it, the recommendation is that you invest in some candy-making items and box up some homemade confections yourself.


This is a fun idea since all the candies will be made by you.  You will create the chocolates and other candied items from scratch.  You needn't even be interested in ingesting the morsels yourself; you just need to enjoy making them.  There are plenty of individuals who actually make confections for a living and started out in their kitchen.  This isn't to say you should do the same; however, if you have the candy-making apparatus available to you the option is always open. 


There are plenty of interesting old cookbooks you can pick up that will instruct you how to make various candies.  Find a small box and put together six or seven different types of candy per box.  It is preferable that you make a batch of one particular chocolate and then move on to another kind until you have several different types of chocolates in the same box.  In this light, since you will be batching like chocolates, it is preferable you package chocolates for more than one recipient.  Once one batch is made it is time for the next batch and so on. 


The whole concept is to make a nice old-fashioned box of candies.  You'll want to wrap each of your small-sized boxes in white tissue paper.  Find small sized flowers and an appropriate small size bow and embellish it lightly.  Assure your wrap is as professional-appearing as hopefully the outcome of the home-made chocolate candies.  Putting your heart into what you made makes the gift all the more original.  Plus if you did an extra good job, once your recipient takes his or her first bite and asks where you bought the chocolates, you'll be able to divulge the candy creations are uniquely your own.  This disclosure will make the candies all the more enjoyable to ingest for the recipient.



Give a Dinner Party as a Gift


Many of us who rack our brains for a gift would never think of giving a dinner party for the gift. In the society circles, you'll hear about an important artist or composer being celebrated.  Of course these lucky individuals are provided celebrations at very lavish and handsomely arranged affairs.  Naturally, for those of us not positioned in high-society we won't be able to pull this off; however, you can still celebrate a friend by throwing a dinner party event for them.


The gift of a dinner party can be to celebrate a special event such as a job promotion, graduation from a course of study, or publication of a book.  Really, it can be anything that the person is proud that they have achieved.  You might decide to host this event at a restaurant or even in someone's home.  Make certain the dinner party takes on the theme of the accomplishment that is being celebrated. For example, if the person has published a book, you might throw the party at an elegant yet quaint-style restaurant.  Make certain to have plenty of copies of their book available for the affair.


If your friend or acquaintance has received a job promotion, and they really aren't into more high-style surroundings, you might put together a simple affair on your backyard patio, and throw some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.


But make sure the recipient is comfortable with the type of dinner party you give.  It certainly defeats the purpose if you throw the bash at a high-end restaurant when the individual never visits those types of establishments or you know it doesn't fit his or her taste.  By the same token, you don't want to throw a backyard barbie for a person who prefers fine dining. Finally, invite guests you know will show ensuring they have free schedules for the day or evening in question.  This includes the person you are throwing the party for.



Gift Giving:  Christmas in July