What 17 Things Should You Know to Avoid Getting Soaked When Choosing Your Next Camping Tent? HTML version

equipment possible. Does it happen every day? No, but it's better to be prepared and never have to use
it to its full potential than be stranded somewhere with poor quality gear. Having something you can
rely on is always a good idea, besides, how many times has high quality gear ruined your trip? ;-)
This tutorial will teach you the difference between great tents and mediocre tents so that you'll find a
tent to meet your needs and wants. It will also point you toward the best tents I've found and reviewed.
I've pulled together my best information and created this tutorial to make finding your next tent as easy
as possible. I even debated about charging for it, but at least for now it's yours with my compliments.
So what does this tutorial cover?
1: Basics And Tent Terminology 101- Tent basics and learn what parts are important. Why are
standard screens a bad idea in tents? What are taped seams and why are they important?
2: Tent Design- What design features make a tent great? What style of tent do I recommend? What
type of tent should you get?
3: What's Important In A Tent- What 3 tent features are important to keep you dry? What should
you do to prevent premature tent floor wear? What small detail can help to inform you about the quality
of a tent?
4: Tent Set-up And Location- Where should you set your new tent up? Why is shade important and
when should you avoid it? Why is it a good idea to know where an animal trail is in relation to your
5: Care, Cleaning And Maintenance- What can you do to make your tent last longer? How can you
temporarily fix a zipper that's lost its zip? Where should you store your tent?
6: Camping Tent Tips, Tricks, Ideas... And Bob- Some pre-planning to help keep yourself dry in a
pinch. Two simple items that can come in really handy. Who is Bob?
7: Camping Tent Wrap-up- Recommendations and the best tents for different uses. Does a certain
brand name guarantee quality?
Since we're all different... some of us backpack, some camp with a buddy, and still others camp with a
large family, we all have different needs and wants. This of course means that each one of us is going
to have different ideas about what type of tent is best for us. This tutorial and the links provided will
cover the information you need in order to make an informed decision.
Armed with this information you'll only need to apply it to which type of tent it is that you want. That
said, not all tents are created equal, and just because they might have all the features mentioned doesn't
mean that the tent you're considering is a quality tent.
Much like the fact that just because a car has a steering wheel and an engine doesn't mean it's a great
car. Tents are the same way, just because it might have a bathtub floor and aluminum poles doesn't
mean it's great or even acceptable for that matter. So I've also sorted through them and found the best
of the best that are being offered. Let's get started...